Cosmos is Calling: 2019 Alumni Annual Party

    7th December, 2019, 2019 Alumni Annual Party was held at joie de vivre, Beijing. The theme of the party is Cosmos is Calling. At the party, Dr. Gao Songtao, president of BHI, Mr. Zhang Huailin, vice president, Ms. Guo Ruihuan, director of Business Development Department, Mr. Yu Shichun, director of Student Affairs Department, Mr. Xu Longyang, deputy dean of Academic Affairs Department and staff from Alumni Association BHI, BHI faculties also presented to celebrate this great event with over 100 BHI Alumni.
Memories in BHI
微信图片_20191212193128.jpgMake your student ID card a badge
微信图片_20191212193138.jpgDo you remember the name tag which went with you for four years?
Dr. Gao Songtao, President of BHI Delivered Speech
微信图片_20191212193149.jpg  Mr. Zhang Huailin, Vice President of BHI Delivered Speech
微信图片_20191212193152.jpg Dr. Gao Songtao at Check-in Counter
微信图片_20191212193156.jpgMr. Zhang Huailin is Taking Photos with Alumni
    Presidents hands with alumni again and again, caring about everyone's health and career just as what they said, BHI is always your home and you are always welcome back. Lecturers who can not present also send their wishes via video.

微信图片_20191212193205.jpg微信图片_20191212193212.jpg微信图片_20191212193215.jpg微信图片_20191212193219.jpgTake Photos with My Teacher

    At this unforgettable party, alumni embraced their teachers and shared their stories together.
  Don't forget BHI style.
    There's always a uniq style when BHIer presents. Apart from the suit, alumni again, cut the cake and make a toast together.

微信图片_20191212193222.jpgDr. Gao Songtao, Mr. Zhang Huailin and Alumni Cut the Cake Together 微信图片_20191212193226.jpgDr. Gao Songtao and Zhou Ye, Chairman of AABHI 

Buffet: It feels like BHI.


For our consecratory alumni:

    Let alumni connect with alumni. Let alumni gather alumni. The AABHI staff's devotion plays an important role in the growth of AABHI. In AABHI, students on campus and alumni off the campus work together, volunteerly make this association another home of all BHIer. BHI will constantly support AABHI and provide more support and help for alumni.
微信图片_20191212193236.jpgDr. Gao Songtao Awarded the Council Member of AABHI
    From Left to Right: Zhang Wenyang, Class of 2018, Zhang Xiaoyu, Class of 2019, Qing Min, Class of 2018

微信图片_20191212193239.jpgMr. Zhang Huailin Awarded Excellent Alumni

They are Sun Yi, Class of 2012, Li Weitao, Class of 2013, Yang Guang, Class of 2014, Zhou Ye, Class of 2014, Hu Xuefei, Class of 2017.

微信图片_20191212193243.jpgYao Ying, Director of Alumni Association Office Awarded AABHI Staff
    BHI will always be their sending you the best wishes.
    See you next year!

Photo: Zhang Zhili, Student Development and Service Center
       Feng Yuming, Chen Zhiwei,
       BHI Press Corps Zhang Jiaxin
Text: Gao Yan, Meng Huanyu, News Center
      Lu Yu, Yang Shanglin, Dong Xuanqi, AABHI
Cordinating Editor: Gao Yan, Meng Huanyu, News Center

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