The First International Lesson of Live Broadcast in BHI

    Due to COVID-19 epidemic spread worldwide, Mr. Cui Chao, who was sent by BHI to Dubai for exchan ...

2020-03-23 More
Cross the Rough: Class of 2022 Finished Internship with Great Achievements

    In first internship, students in class of 2022 worked hard with the assistance of their metors a ...

2020-03-20 More
NCP Could Not Stop Improvement: BHI Students in the Preparation of The CHEI Challenge – Unlocking Career Success

    We came across a very different beginning of 2020. The outbreak of NCP is everyone’s concern now ...

2020-03-01 More
Remote working: BHI Implemented Practical Online Course

    During the winter vacation, BHI professors and lecturers started to prepare online courses in order to maintain teac ...

2020-02-23 More
NCP Prevention and Control: We are Together

    After the outbreak of NCP, an invisible “war” is taking place all over the country.Facing the “w ...

2020-02-11 More
Show BHI teachers’ specialties, promote teaching quality to improve: BHI 4th teachers' Teaching Skills Contests has been successfully concluded

    In order to further strengthen teachers' basic teaching skills, carry on the 5H concept of BH, p ...

2020-01-02 More
English Corner in BHI — It’s all about Christmas

    The annual Christmas is coming, and the campus is full of Christmas atmosphere. In order to let ...

2019-12-25 More
Cosmos is Calling: 2019 Alumni Annual Party

    7th December, 2019, 2019 Alumni Annual Party was held at joie de vivre, Beijing. The theme of the party ...

2019-12-16 More
Ice-breaking Action of FHS 2019, the Second Future Hoteliers Summit –--Let’s Start From CHAO

    On October 24th and October 25th, the second Future Hoteliers Summit will be held in Beijing Hos ...

2019-10-30 More
24 Universities Gave Helping Hands to Students Inclined to Study Abroad on the 2019 BHI Open Day

    On October 15, 2019 BHI Open Day was successfully concluded. 24 universities from 9 countries ar ...

2019-10-21 More
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