Deepening Cooperation Between Universities and Enterprises—BHI team visit Universal Beijing Resort

    In order to further deepen cooperation between universities and enterprises, last week Ms. Guo R ...

2020-09-01 More
BHI Luxury Brand Management Curriculum Construction—Walk into Bulgari Hotel Beijing

    On August 17, Ms. Lu Tong, Vice Dean of Academic Affairs Department, visited Bulgari Hotel Beiji ...

2020-08-24 More
"Touring in Shanghai, Inviting Each Other with Wine" -BHI Alumni Meet in Shanghai in 2020

Party in Shanghai     On August 8, the Shanghai branch of BHI Alumni Association held a ...

2020-08-14 More
Teikyo University of Science & Technology and BHI Discuss Cooperation Online

    Recently, Academic Affairs Department and Business Development Department of BHI and Program Management team of Teik ...

2020-07-30 More
BHI Faculties Joined Online EUHOFA Round Table for Online Teaching Topics

    During the Covid-19 Outbreak, what unexpected challenges are faced by hospitality education ...

2020-07-27 More
Best Graduation Photo: Class of 2020, Time to Check-In

4 years before, you came to BHI. 4 years later, you are about to graduate. Some said, Life is one w ...

2020-06-17 More
Spotlight on-Site丨BHI Carried 0ut the Total Factor Simulation Exercise for Graduates Returning to School

    According to BHI Work Plan of Students Returning to School in Spring Semester of 2020, in order ...

2020-06-07 More
Spotlight|Alumni in HR Positions Sharing Advice for Online Career Day

    There's only less than one month from the date of Online Career Day for Internship (Year 1). All ...

2020-05-24 More
Question and Answer on Enrollment of BHI in 2020: We Summarize Your Top Hot Issues Which You Are Concerning

It will be Graduation Season and University Entrance Examination Season again Facing the implementation of new ...

2020-05-11 More
BHI Contestants Achieved Great Award in CHEI Challenge - Unlocking Career Success

    In the past CHEI Challenge - Unlocking Career Success, Duan Siyu, Yu Yanqi from class of 2020, L ...

2020-05-03 More
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