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Approved by Beijing Municipal Commission of Education, Foreign Affairs Office of the People’s Government of Beijing Municipality, and Police Bureau, BHI can accept international students from Dec. 2013.

As a well-known hospitality education provider in China, Beijing Hospitality Institute realizes that many hospitality major students worldwide have the passion for Chinese culture and Mandarin. With this in mind, BHI is pleased to launch two types of study abroad programs (Hospitality Management in Chinese Market and Industry Research in Hospitality & Tourism). Both programs feature in cultural exchange opportunities to enable overseas students to experience authentic Chinese culture by participating in research, hand-on practice, survey, field trips, tutorials and lectures during their study in BHI. Particularly, students will get the chance to learn practical Mandarin in each module, which will enable them to meet a big WOW from the HR managers.

During these programs, students will be challenged to face their personal and professional lives to be more engaged, fulfilled and passionate. Ideas and skills can be implemented and students can adjust and customize their unique China experience along the way in their future career development. They also have the chance to work on specific projects or problems from their study with a team of their peers who come with various backgrounds from different countries.

Therefore, do not hesitate. Join us! We look forward to seeing you in Beijing!

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