A Word from Us

Message from the Chairman of the Board

Prof.GAN Lian Fang,
Founder of BHI

Dr.Li Bo Tan,
Founder of BHI

Founder of BHI

My hope is BHI becomes an application-based university with honesty and integrity, discipline and equality, achieving recognition of the industry, adored by the teachers and students, and gaining satisfaction of the parents, thereby being the cradle for senior hotel management talent of China.

Dr. LI Bo Tan
Chairman of the Board

Message from the President

After years of exploration and practice, our students have graduated and all of them possess good start in their career. Evidently, our talent development model which is widely recognised by the hospitality industry and students as well as state leaders, Ministry of Education, Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne, and accepted by parents, is the route to success for every application-oriented university.

Dr. GAO Song Tao
President of BHI
Associate Chairman of China Tourist Hotels Association

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