The Graduates of Class 2021: Grow Hard to Embrace Rewards

The graduates of Class 2021 are rich in both appearance and talent. In the four years in BHI, they shed their y ...

2021-08-13 More
BHI Alumni Association Henan Branch was Established Officially

    On May 29th, BHI Alumni Association Henan Branch was officially established in Zhengzhou.The act ...

2021-06-02 More
President Liu Jun and his Delegation of City University of Macau Visited BHI: Opening A New Chapter of Cooperation Between the Two Schools

    On May 12th, Professor Liu Jun, president of City University of Macau, Dr. Li Xi, executive vice dean of S ...

2021-05-17 More
Study Abroad: International Exchange Programs 2021 Updates

Overseas Programs It's such a big world. Go discover it. We offer quite a lot choices of studying abroad for st ...

2021-05-06 More
N Kinds of "Nightlife" of BHI-ers on Campus

After a busy day, the lights are on while the evening breeze is blowing. The campus at night has a specia ...

2021-04-12 More
BHI Employed Mr.Antonio Saponara, General Manager of Beijing Bulgari Hotel, as A Visiting Professor

    On March 25th, Mr.Antonio Saponara, General Manager of Beijing Bulgari Hotel, came to BHI lux ...

2021-04-05 More
Meeting Again in BHI

    BHI students came back to campus in batches on March 1st and 2nd, in accordance with the Covi ...

2021-03-02 More
BHI 2021 Internship and Employment Bases: Here are Your Favorite Hotel Groups

         Beijing Hospitality Institute is a four-year application-orie ...

2021-02-25 More
BHI Qinyang Hanfu Association—The Beauty of Hanfu, A Vision Of Eternity

Just a glance, then intoxicated     Hanfu, the full name of the "Traditional ...

2021-02-01 More
Stories of Ju Yunlei, Lecturer of Practical Courses: Know More About Cigar and Cocktail with Me

    On a night of October, 2016, which was supposed to the coziest night in Beijing's autumn, Ju ...

2021-01-08 More
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