Every Little Makes a Mickle: BHI Interns Award Ceremony

On 24 October, 2017, BHI Interns (Year 4) Award Ceremony was held in Multifunctional Hall of BHI Teaching Hotel. 216 ...

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Seventh Annual Edition of the Young Hoteliers Summit Asia 2017: The Innovation Request of the Millennial Generation’s Consumers and Practitioner in Hospitality Industry

The 19th CPC National Congress was held from Oct 18 to 24 in Beijing. Meanwhile, 2017 Young Hoteliers Summit- ...

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Beginning of A Term Overseas: Students' Feedback on Study Aboard Program

When you are on the site of opening ceremony of the new school year in end summer, the senior students have already begu ...

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With Mighty Will and Sharp Vision – The Fifth International Exchange Students’ Team in BHI

The fifth team of international exchange students arrived at BHI on September 12, 2017. Six out of nine students has alr ...

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Never Stop: 10th QLF Training Ends

A 10-day QLF (Qualified Learning occasionally Facilitator) training ended on August 19, 2017.  All 24 learners have achi ...

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Jointly Shoulder Responsibility of Our Times: BHI Volunteers on Belt & Road Forum for International Cooperation

On 15 May, 2017, Belt & Road Forum for International Cooperation Roundtable was held in Beijing Yanqi Lake Intern ...

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Miami Beckons: San Ignacio University Exchange Program is Launched

On March 28th, our old friend Dr. John Fong, the president of San Ignacio University, came to visit China for the sec ...

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On the Way: Brief Introductions to Some Outstanding Students

Every year in the graduation season, BHI students are popular with many well-known hotel groups by virtue of their perfe ...

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The Beckon of Spring: BHI Enrollment Season in 2017

In March 2017, Beijing Hospitality Institute starts the busy enrollment work. Its beautiful campus with spring in the ai ...

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A Different Kind of Hospitality Management- International Students of the 2017 Spring Semester in BHI

On February 28th 2017, exchange students from Cheongju University in South Korea arrived in Beijing, starting their s ...

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