The Moment |Beautiful Hidden Moments in the Late Autumn and the Early Winter

    Hello, BHI-ers! Unconsciously, the temperature plummeted! The autumn hasn’t gone while the ...

2021-11-19 More
BHI Training Hotel and Security Department Jointly Held Fire Safety Emergency Drill

    In order to help teachers and students to grasp the methods for emergency escape, and get famili ...

2021-10-21 More
Show of BHI Graduates of Class 2021! Keep the Love and Go for the Next Stage!

    September is a season of harvest, as well as a transfer season between the new and the old. As t ...

2021-09-15 More
The Graduates of Class 2021: Grow Hard to Embrace Rewards

The graduates of Class 2021 are rich in both appearance and talent. In the four years in BHI, they shed their y ...

2021-08-13 More
BHI Alumni Association Henan Branch was Established Officially

    On May 29th, BHI Alumni Association Henan Branch was officially established in Zhengzhou.The act ...

2021-06-02 More
President Liu Jun and his Delegation of City University of Macau Visited BHI: Opening A New Chapter of Cooperation Between the Two Schools

    On May 12th, Professor Liu Jun, president of City University of Macau, Dr. Li Xi, executive vice dean of S ...

2021-05-17 More
Study Abroad: International Exchange Programs 2021 Updates

Overseas Programs It's such a big world. Go discover it. We offer quite a lot choices of studying abroad for st ...

2021-05-06 More
N Kinds of "Nightlife" of BHI-ers on Campus

After a busy day, the lights are on while the evening breeze is blowing. The campus at night has a specia ...

2021-04-12 More
BHI Employed Mr.Antonio Saponara, General Manager of Beijing Bulgari Hotel, as A Visiting Professor

    On March 25th, Mr.Antonio Saponara, General Manager of Beijing Bulgari Hotel, came to BHI lux ...

2021-04-05 More
Meeting Again in BHI

    BHI students came back to campus in batches on March 1st and 2nd, in accordance with the Covi ...

2021-03-02 More
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