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SDH Institute

Brief Introduction

SDH Institute, founded in 2007, is a private college focusing on hotel management, certificate, college, undergraduate, master's multi-level courses, with excellent faculty who can provide students with high quality education, and complete facilities, such as hotel training laboratory, modern classroom, student lounge, learning library, etc. 

It is a quality college certified by the Board of Private Education of Singapore (Registration number: 200714877H). The courses are designed to help students master the correct international vocational skills and business skills, focusing on cultivating students' good sense of service and innovative thinking mode, so as to have better employment opportunities in the fierce social competition.

3+1 Bachelor Degree Program 
3 years in BHI and 1 year in SDH 
4+1 MBA Program 
4 years in BHI for bachelor degree and 1 year in SDH for master degree

Entry requirements

Bachelor Degree Program: IELTS 5.0 

Master Degree Program: IELTS 5.5


Bachelor Degree Program: $17,200 
Master Degree Program: $21,800


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