About BHI

    Approved by the Ministry of Education, Beijing Hospitality Institute (BHI) was founded in 2008. The 4-year undergraduate degree it confers is accredited by the national government. Enjoying a high reputation in hospitality industry, BHI is committed to cultivate senior management personnel for hospitality and other high-end service industries. BHI offers a choice of 6 programs with Bachelor Degree in Management:

- Hospitality Management

- Human Resource Management,

- Financial Management,

- Marketing   

- Health Services and Management

    Students who complete their studies will obtain an undergraduate certificate and a bachelor's degree in Management.

    The Unique BHI Mode

    After more than 10 years of development, BHI has become the model of application-oriented Hospitality Management education in China.

    The BHI model is embodied in our practical courses, self-designed textbooks, the faculty with academic and industry background, distinctive campus culture and the collaborative management team. 

     Three abilities and two habits are instilled in our students throughout their education, namely Hand (practical skills), Head (intelligence), Heart (attentiveness), Health (physical and mental Health), Happiness (positive and optimistic attitude towards life).

     Work Hard, Play Harder!

    Be ladies and gentlemen; be the elites in service industry

Our Philosophy

CORE Value: Respect Profession Responsibility
Motto: Learning for Application

Our Growth

2006            Foundation Ceremony
Jul, 2008      Induction to Global Academic Certification System of EHL
Aug, 2008    First Qualified Learning Facilitator (QLF) Training by EHL
Sep, 2008    First BHI Intake
Oct, 2008    School Opening Ceremony of First BHI Intake
May, 2009    First Academic Audit by EHL
Jan, 2010     First EHL Induction Program (Study Tour)
Sep, 2010    Inaugural Career Day for External Internship
Oct, 2011    Inaugural Young Hoteliers Summit Asia (YHS Asia) organized by BHI students
Nov, 2011    BHI hosted the 2nd Global Biennial Conference of EHL-certified Schools
Mar, 2012    Establishment of Branded Classes
Jun, 2012    Graduation Ceremony of First BHI Intake
Jun, 2012    Founding of BHI Alumni
Dec, 2012    First Appreciation Party
Mar, 2013    Elected to be Vice-chairman Unit of China Tourist Hotels Association (CTHA)
Sep, 2013   Initiation of Dandelion Project
Jan, 2014    Scholarship of The Peninsula Beijing established
Oct, 2014    Students awarded for Volunteer Service in 2014 China Open (Tennis)

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