Congratulations! BHI’s Hospitality Management Major Has Been Approved as National First-class Undergraduate Construction Major with Financial Management Major as Provincial First-class Undergraduate Construction Major

On June 7th, 2022, the General Office of the Ministry of Education issued the Notice on The List of 2021 National and ...

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New Style, New Code: Let's See the Updates to the Dressing Code

    The styles of office attires might vary by the occasions. Based on this principle, Beijing Hospi ...

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Presence of BHI Graduates | General Managers and Founders Graduating from BHI

    In this issue, we are honored to invite some general managers and founders who graduated from BH ...

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BHI’s Education Culture System Gained Popularity in the 3rd “China Service” ·Tourism Product Innovation Conference

    On April 20th, the 3rd "China Service" · Tourism Product Innovation Conference hosted by China Tourism Association w ...

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Full Charge to Welcome NIO

NIO Center Beijing Oriental Plaza     BHI alumni working in NIO   &nb ...

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BHI Superior Major: Hotel Management

    On December 24th, 2019, the hotel management major of BHI was listed in the first batch of provincial first-class ...

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BHI Superior Major: Health Service and Management

    With the development of society, the future development of the health industry is unlimited. In 2020, BHI started ...

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The Moment |Beautiful Hidden Moments in the Late Autumn and the Early Winter

    Hello, BHI-ers! Unconsciously, the temperature plummeted! The autumn hasn’t gone while the ...

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BHI Training Hotel and Security Department Jointly Held Fire Safety Emergency Drill

    In order to help teachers and students to grasp the methods for emergency escape, and get famili ...

2021-10-21 More
Show of BHI Graduates of Class 2021! Keep the Love and Go for the Next Stage!

    September is a season of harvest, as well as a transfer season between the new and the old. As t ...

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