The 10th Future Hoteliers Summit was Successfully Held in BHI

    On October 28th, the 10th Future Hoteliers Summit (FHS) opened at Beijing Hospitali ...

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BHI International Exchange | Online and Offline Meetings with International Cooperation Institutions

Recently, a delegation led by Huang Zhanhua, director of business cooperation of China Office of University College o ...

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Full of Real Stuff and Wonderful Scenes | BHI 2022 Freshmen Orientation Program Ended

In order to help the freshmen of Class 2022 quickly complete the role transition from senior high school students to ...

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With Vivid Camouflage Clothing to Set out the New Sail | BHI Military Training Closing Ceremony and Freshmen Opening Ceremony

On September 2nd, BHI held the 2022 military training closing ceremony and freshmen opening ceremony. BHI preside ...

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Outstanding BHI Graduates of Class 2022: Dreams Live Up To Those Who Are Prepared

When they entered BHI, they were once young and ignorant. When they enter their workplaces, they are about to s ...

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Congratulations! BHI’s Hospitality Management Major Has Been Approved as National First-class Undergraduate Construction Major with Financial Management Major as Provincial First-class Undergraduate Construction Major

On June 7th, 2022, the General Office of the Ministry of Education issued the Notice on The List of 2021 National and ...

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New Style, New Code: Let's See the Updates to the Dressing Code

    The styles of office attires might vary by the occasions. Based on this principle, Beijing Hospi ...

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Presence of BHI Graduates | General Managers and Founders Graduating from BHI

    In this issue, we are honored to invite some general managers and founders who graduated from BH ...

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BHI’s Education Culture System Gained Popularity in the 3rd “China Service” ·Tourism Product Innovation Conference

    On April 20th, the 3rd "China Service" · Tourism Product Innovation Conference hosted by China Tourism Association w ...

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Full Charge to Welcome NIO

NIO Center Beijing Oriental Plaza     BHI alumni working in NIO   &nb ...

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