"Mastering the Art of Chinese Tea"

Smell the Fragrance of Tea, Learn the Art of Tea, Appreciate the Charm of Tea To enrich the leisure cultura ...

2024-03-15 More
Heartfelt Affection | College Leaders Visit and Console Faculty and Staff Holding Their Posts During the Spring Festival

Visiting the Frontlines, Sending Sincere Affection, Warmly Caring for Hearts  — College Leaders Visit and ...

2024-02-11 More
Yang Yifan, Class of 2020, Second Place!

From December 7th to 8th, the 2023 First National College Student Vocational Skills Innovation Competition a ...

2023-12-11 More
Focusing on the Internship Double Selection Fair: 9 Major Industries, Over 150 Partner Companies Engage in a Talent Competition at BHI

On November 2nd, the Internship Double Selection Fair for the 2021 cohort of BHI was successfully held. The fair attr ...

2023-11-15 More
Special Course | BHI Invites Top Cuban Cigar Quality Inspectors and Rollers to Deliver a Public Lecture on Cigar Culture

To cultivate students' professional abilities and comprehensive qualities, and to implement the student-cente ...

2023-10-23 More
Promoting Learning through Competition | BHI Students Achieve Outstanding Results at the

On the evening of September 7th, the "Global Culinary Master International Challenge 2023" China Grand Final Awards C ...

2023-09-13 More
Colorful Youth, Artistic Life | Exhibition of BHI Art Troupes

In this warm family, there are Custom Rock Band, Muse Western Music Band, Thousand-sound Folk Music Band, Mugen ...

2023-08-28 More
Follow Your Heart, Start New Journey | Welcome the Freshmen of 2023 to Join BHI!

At 7:00 am Beijing time on August 20th , all BHI teachers and welcome volunteers are all in place, wa ...

2023-08-22 More
Spread Your 5H Wings, Fly to the Infinite Future | BHI Successfully Held 2023 Graduation Ceremony and Bachelor’s Degree Awarding Ceremony

On June 9th, the 2023 bachelor’s degree awarding ceremony for   graduates was held gr ...

2023-06-14 More
Chasing Youth Dreams,Moving Forward | BHI Held the 2021-2022 Academic Year Scholarship Award Ceremony

On April 27th, the 2021-2022 Academic Year Scholarship Award Ceremony of Beijing Hospitality Institute was successfully ...

2023-05-08 More
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