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Prof. DAI Bin Ph.D. in Economics, Ph.D. Supervisor The 1st President of BHI President of China Tourism Academy

Ruud REULAND Former President of Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne

Mr.JI QI  Chairman and the CEO of Hanting Inns & Hotels, participation in founding the web site and the hotelchain Home Inn

Mr. DING Xiaoliang CEO of Sheye Tourism Management Co., Ltd

Ms. XIN Tao Ph.D., Vice President of China Tourist Hotels Association(CTHA)

Mr. LV Yuguo General Manager of China Grand Hyatt Hotel, The professional advisory for Hyatt Group, The spokesman for Beijing Tourist Hotels Association

Ruud REULAND Former President of Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne

Mr. ZHANG Gong Senior Architect, expert in hotel design, President of METAMAX International Architecture Consulting (Beijing) Co.,Ltd

Ms. SUN WeIPing Chairman of Wish Communication Tourism Consulting Company in America Former Deputy Director of the Hawaii Tourism

Roto Wittwer Member of EHL International Consulting Committee

 Michael Henssler, President China of Kempinski Hotels, Managing Director of Key International Hotels Management Co.,Ltd

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  • Prof. DAI Bin

  • Ruud REULAND

  • Mr.JI QI

  • Mr. DING Xiaoliang

  • XinTao

  • Mr. LV Yuguo

  • Zhanggong

  • Ms. SUN WeIPing

  • Roto Wittwer

  • Michael Henssler

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