Focusing on the Internship Double Selection Fair: 9 Major Industries, Over 150 Partner Companies Engage in a Talent Competition at BHI

On November 2nd, the Internship Double Selection Fair for the 2021 cohort of BHI was successfully held. The fair attracted participation from over 150 companies nationwide, spanning nine major industry categories including hotels, luxury goods, commerce, real estate, high-end property management, upscale dining, health industry, theme parks, and media. This event provided nearly 2000 internship positions for the students of the 2021 cohort at BHI.640.jpg640 (1).jpg640 (2).jpg640 (3).jpg640 (4).jpg640 (5).jpg640 (6).jpg640 (7).jpg

Hold items in your left hand and line up to enter.

The 2021 cohort students strictly adhere to the college's code of conduct, dressing in business attire. Holding their resumes in their left hands, they gather at the entrance of the teaching hotel, lining up to enter in an orderly manner.640 (8).jpg640 (9).jpg640 (10).jpg


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Dr. Gao Songtao, President of BHI , Vice President Zhang Huailin, along with other leaders, faculty members, and counselors from the school, visited the scene to communicate with the partner companies. They interacted with the students, discussed interview situations, inquired about the job preferences of the 2021 cohort, and offered encouragement and support."

Received an Offer, Looking Forward to the Future.

This internship double-selection fair is not just about companies choosing BHI students; it's also about students autonomously selecting internship opportunities. Through face-to-face communication and interaction with companies, the students from the 2021 cohort, based on their career development plans, chose desirable internship positions from the college's partner companies. This not only contributes to their thesis writing in their senior year but also helps accumulate materials and experiences for their future entry into the workforce.

H2103 Wang Xinrui

640 (26).jpg

"For my second internship, I chose to work at the front desk of the Front Office Department at Beijing Nuojin Hotel. I was drawn to the culture of this hotel and really liked their working style; the team atmosphere is very harmonious. I am honored to work with them again and am looking forward to the upcoming internship experience. I believe I will gain even more from this opportunity.

H2102 Zhang Yulin640 (27).jpg

This time, I chose the Guest Relations internship position at The Peninsula Beijing Hotel. I am very grateful to the college for providing me with the opportunity to participate in the internship double-selection fair. I hope to continue improving myself in the internship role, constantly enriching my skills, and accumulating experience for future work.

F2105 Lei Yu640 (28).jpg

This time, I chose the position of Room Clerk at Conrad Hotel Beijing. There were still many choices at this internship double-selection fair, and I could feel the different corporate cultures among hotels. I hope that through this internship, I can learn more about hotel management and lay a solid foundation for future work.

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Hope that through this internship, students can once again break through, enhance their professional competitiveness, and have a clearer direction for future career development. Deepen your understanding of the profession during the internship, integrate theory with practice, and apply what you have learned. Wishing all students of the 2021 cohort a smooth and fruitful internship experience!

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