BHI’s First International Exchange Students Have Been Graduated!

On January 8th 2016, the congregation for the first group of international students from South Korea was held in BHI’s Training hotel. President Gao, Mr. Fang, who is the director of Teaching Affair Department and Hu Xiuying, who is the vice director of International Communication Department, and part of teachers have attended this congregation. In this semester, sixteen Korean students have been accomplished their exchange program in BHI.

President Gao has expressed the warmest congratulations and affirmed students’ four-month performance and achievement. Meanwhile, he has extended his cordial expectations and sincere wishes for them and he look forward they become ambassadors of intercultural communication between China and Korea.

President Gao

After president Gao’s statement, Korea student NOH SOJEONG was reading a gratitude letter in Chinese, that is, we feel very pleased and privileged of this four-month oversea study and we want to show the deepest appreciation for BHI and teachers. Specifically, Mr.Gao is the best president we had never met before, who is very amiable. We will put BHI’s memory in our inner heart and look forward to participating in the next exchange program.


Afterward, all students were singing a song, Grace of Teachers, which made BHI teachers full of touching tear.

Korea students maintained that they will recommend BHI to their younger students after they back to Korea. Welcome more international students to BHI!

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