BHI Teachers Landed on Zanzibar of Tanzania, Africa, Building an International Brand of Chinese Service

    Since September 12th, four teachers of Beijing Hospitality Institute, Cui Chao, Song Gang, Li Yanpeng and Wang Dejun, separately flew to Zanzibar to provide professional skill training of food nutrition and hotel management for trainees from the local presidential palace, airport VIP reception office, presidential residence and hotels in the country. The training will last to October 8th.
    The training was highly valued by Zanzibar presidential palace. On September 10th, Cui Chao, one of the training instructors of BHI, met the President of Zanzibar, Shein. President Shein showed welcome to BHI teachers to open training courses in Zanzibar, noting that the friendship between China and Tanzania was personally forged by the older generation of the leaders of the two countries. He said that for 55 years after the establishment of diplomatic ties of the two countries, the Chinese government and people have selflessly provided a great deal of assistance to Zanzibar's economic and social development, which the Zanzibar government and people will never forget.

图片1.pngPresident Shein was shaking hands with BHI teacher Cui Chao

A photo of President Shein (fifth from the left) with Consul General Xie Xiaowu (fourth from the left) of the Consulate General of China in Zanzibar, BHI teacher Cui Chao (second from the right) and the Chinese delegation
    This training course is divided into three parts: catering service, VIP reception service and food preparation. BHI teachers started the training from the actual operation, leading the trainees to practice step by step along with the service process. In the part of catering service, Cui Chao instructed the trainees in their standing posture, walking posture, gesture, from greeting the guest, then to seating the guest, taking order, dish service, beverage service to billing and sending off the guest. Each step was strictly checked. Cui chao interspersed the teaching process with a variety of interactive activities, using questions to stimulate the trainees to think.


图片4.pngCui chao was providing instruction for the trainees

    Song Gang, another instructor from BHI, provided VIP reception service training for the trainees. Based on the specific needs of the trainees, Song Gang designed and simulated the real scenes that the trainees would encounter in the service, and guided the trainees to carry out practical exercises. Through the training, the trainees have gained the ability of independently completing the reception work of VIP guests, which has laid a solid foundation for improving the service quality of Zanzibar.
    The food preparation training provided by Li Yanpeng and Wang Dejun was also popular with trainees. In the training, all the trainees completed the production of hot western dishes and desserts under the guidance of the two instructors. The trainees said that they had never seen the dishes in this training, and the teachers’ superb cooking skills were really amazing. They decided to update their menus with the dishes they learned in the training. 
    Through the training, BHI teachers have established a solid friendship with the trainees of Zanzibar. The trainees express that they really appreciate the earnest teaching attitude, strict teaching spirit and superb teaching skills of the instructors from BHI and their service level and service skills have been significantly improved through the guidance of the instructors. Both of the trainees and the related officials of the presidential office of Zanzibar hope BHI teachers come back to Zanzibar again for training.

Picture: Consulate General of the People's Republic of China in Zanzibar

Zhou lei, China Food Fermentation Research Institute Co. Ltd. 
Text:Cui Chao, Academic Affairs Department

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