A Letter to BHI Students and Faculties

Dear all,

    Warm greeting from BHI. In the critical period of NCP outbreak, in order to take measures in an orderly manner for scientific prevention and control, we wish to bring the following matters to your special attention:

1.       Facing the outbreak of NCP, please maintain a rational attitude no matter where you are. Avoid disregard, panic or rumors. Cordinate with the prevention and control actively.

2.       All BHI departments and offices will keep contact with you. Please stay connected for the upcoming information from BHI.

3.       Flexible working will be implemented in BHI from 17th February, 2020. All departments shall make full use of internet for teleworking and decrease campus attendance. The working timetable will be delivered respectively by each department or office.

4.       Seeing the prevention situation in Beijing, please do not enter the campus without notice in advance so as to control the risk of infection.

5.       We suggest that all faculties keep daily exercise and positive attitude, enjoying peace and joy of home.

Instead of the busy festival, all cities are facing a different kind of battlefield. Please keep strong faith and wait for the victory of this “war”.

    Wish you good health.

NCP Prevention and Control Working Group

Beijing Hospitality Institute

7th Februry, 2020

©2015 Beijing Hospitality Institute