Notice on the Recommendation for Admissions of Postgraduates of City University of Macau in the 2023-2024 Academic Year

In order to promote the exchange and cooperation between BHI and sister universities in Macauand provide students with further study opportunities, according to the memorandum of cooperation signed by BHI and City University of Macau, the recommendation work for BHI graduates who can go studying without paper test for master degree since September, 2023 in the City University of Macau will be conducted from November 8th , 2022 to December 16th , 2022


I. Recommendation Procedure


Applicants who meet the requirements for recommendation shall fill in the application form and submit it to the International Exchange Center (hereinafter referred to as the Center). The center and relevant departments will interview the applicants. After passing the interview,  the list of recommended graduates will be submitted to the City University of Macau, whwill confirm the qualifications and carry out the assessment to determine the admission result. The selection work adheres to the principle of openness, justice and fairness and selects the best candidates.


II. Enrollment Target and Recommendation conditions (Recommended students must meet all the following requirements)


1. Graduate of Year 2023 (undergraduate student of Class 2019 );

2. Excellent undergraduate performance, the GPA of the first six semesters shall be no less than 4.0 (5-point scale), or the average score shall be no less than 82, and the scores shall be ranked in the top 30% of the same major and grade;

3.Must have the admission qualifications and educational requirements needed for the program applied (please refer to Program/Masters Degree Program/Masters Program Admission Policy for Each Major);

4. Good moral character, good studying style, no cheating or discipline violation record;

5. Healthy body and mind, innovative spirit, independent thinking and working ability.


III. Recommendation and Admission Process


Students who meet the requirements for recommendation and are willing to apply for the City University of Macau should submit the application form and relevant application materials to the  International Exchange Center before November 25th, 2022. The Center will issue an interview notice for those who meet the requirements. The number of qualified students will not exceed 30. The publicity period will be 7 days.


For details, please consult the International Exchange Center.


Notice on the Adjustment of Service Time of the Training Hotel


All teachers and students:


According to the teaching work arrangement of this semester, from November 28th (next Monday), the service time of the teaching hotel will be adjusted as follows:

Ruige Restaurant is open for lunch and dinner. The service time will be:

Lunch: 10:30-13:30

Dinner: 16:30-19:30


Service time of the Swiss Bar: 15:00-23:00;


Xiangrui Chinese Restaurant, Rui Yuan West Restaurant and Rising Bar will be closed.


Please take notice!

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