Selecting Members for 2016 Young Hoteliers Summit Asia

Young Hoteliers Summit Asia (YHS Asia) is originated from YHS Global. It aims to build a platform for hospitality members’ cooperation, communication and interaction, and also provides opportunities for excellent students with Asia’s well-known hospitality universities, who can enjoy the communication with hospitality leaders and professors. Currently, BHI will select 2016 YHS Asia members.

1.Application requirements

1)Students who positively participate in various activities and have teamwork spirit and good sense of group achievement.
2)In the study and routine life, students who enthusiastic serve for others and take responsibility for work.
3)Students who have strict self-discipline and obey rules and regulations of our university.
4)Students who are very punctual and have the spirit of teamwork and hard-working.
5)Students who can speak English fluently.
6)Priority for students who had attended YHS Asia before.


7)Administration team
8)Head of human resources department
9)Head of finance department
10)Head of public relations department
11)Head of events’ organization department
12)Head of technique information department
13)Head of schools’ liaison and communication department
14)Head of cooperation and development department

3.Selection Procedure

Time: Nov. 16th 2015- Nov. 22nd 2015
Application manner: BHI students who are satisfied with requirements could fill the YHS Asia Form (school website “Student work”- “Download” - “Form”)
Sending your form to Hoteliers e-mail:
Interview: Leaderless group interview. Please wait for the results until further notice.
Youth League Committee
November 16th, 2015

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