Follow-up Arrangements of internship for Grade 2017 students in BHI

    Q: If the original internship employer suspended the internship arrangement, can we still choose the optional company for internship?
    A:Yes. Affected by the epidemic, students who need to change your internship company can submit relevant materials in accordance with the requirements of the optional internship by the end of April, and your internship scores will not be affected.

    Q: If we can not complete the internship this semester, how to convert internship credits?

    A:According to the teaching plan of BHI, the credit of the managerial internship is 12. Converting of the internship score into the academic division ratio, Grade 2017 students are deemed to have completed 7.8 credits after completing Enterprise research Methods and the pre-research task of Graduation Thesis of Zhihuishu Platform, and you only need to complete 4.2 credits from May to August.This part will be completed through live broadcast, video broadcast and lecture, and credit exchange can be conducted.

    Q: When does the online course start?

    A:The official teaching duration is from May 6 to August 6 2020.

    Q: Will the lecture in April arranged by BHI be credited to the internship?

    A: No. All professional courses will be arranged from May. The lectures in April are designed to expand and supplement students' knowledge. Students are encouraged to independently choose to study according to their interests and specialties.

    Q: Where can we check the course schedule from May to August?

    A:On April 20, BHI will announce the schedule to all students of Grade 2017. The professional courses will be available for students to inquire through Ketangpai, and the online guest lecture will be broadcast on BHI Training Consulting platform.

    Q: What are the required contents for online professional courses?

    A:Six modules related to internship, including Front Office, Housekeeping & Rooms, Food & Beverage, Human Resources, Finance, Marketing and other compulsory courses. In addition to the key communication and business email etiquette content, this part counts for credits.

    Q: Are there any other kinds of courses for us to study besides the compulsory courses?

    A:In order to enrich students' home life, Academic Affairs Department plans to offer professional literacy courses based on hotel cases, daily home physical courses, 5H featured courses, and regular psychological counseling courses (the above courses do not count as credits). In addition, students can also learn through on "Grade 2017 Online Course Learning Garden" of "BHI Training Consulting platform" . The platform not only opened the Industry Guest Public Lecture, but also provided "Industry Information", "Culture, Art and Design", "Hotel Partners’ Introduction (audio and video)", "Let's Move at Home" column.

    Q: Do students who are already on the job need to take courses from May to August? Is there any credit requirement?

    A:Students on the job will continue to work according to the original plan. The course arrangement from May to August is voluntary and there is no credit requirement.

    Q: If I resume my internship in May, do I still need to learn online courses?

    A: After May, if the epidemic eases, and we got the notice of Beijing Municipal Education Commission that the students can carry out the internship, the internship scores will be carried out according to the original plan, i.e., 35% of the scores will be evaluated for the internship. The second phase of the course has been carried out on a pro rata basis.

    For unmentioned matters, please contact Career Center of BHI.

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