No. 2 Notice on Students Returning in Spring Term, 2019-2020 School Year

Dear Students,
According to related instructions of Beijing Municipal, MOE, and Beijing Municipal Education Commission, and Beijing Hospitality Institute Students Returning Plan in Spring Term, 2019-2020 School Year, Graduates could return campus from 13 June. To ensure students' safety, avoid the spread of virus, and protect all faculties and students, BHI make the relevant notice as follows:

I. Returning arrangements

1. Returning principles
All students shall comply with the following principles:
a. Return of own free will;
b. Return with request in advance;
c. Return in groups and by stages;
d. Return with good health condition and quarantined after return.

2. Returning term
From 13 June to 21 June, 2020, graduates return orderly in groups and by stages.
Since the spring term is close to the end, to lower the risk of virus spread, non graduates are not allowed to return and shall keep the online learning and examination. The arrangements of summer vacation and registration of fall term will be notified later.

3. Returning condition
a. The graduate who are in Beijing with 14-day homne observation (Graduate who is Beijing Resident or has a fixed domicile in Beijing)can apply for returning;
b. The graduate from a low-risk area with a certificate showing a positive test result of nucleic acid and a green QR code of health code can apply for returning The nucleic acid test must be done in a qualified hospital or medical institution;   
c. Inbound passenger shall undergo quarantine and test under the instructions. After a 14-day medical observation, he/she is subject to an additional 7-day health observation at home. They shall hold a positive test result of nucleic acid test and a green QR code when return to campus;
d. Other than the conditions above, all students about to returan shall follow the notice and requirements sent by the counselors to raise the returning request. After the request approved, the counselor will notify the student one by one and collect relevant information including booking details of train, flight. If there is any change on the returning plan, the student shall notify the counselor a day before;
e. The following graduate shall not return:
- The graduate who is currently in a middle/high-risk area or overseas(including Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan);
- The graduate who is a confirmed case of COVID-19 or has a family who is a confirm case of COVID-19;
- During the 14 days before returning, the graduate has the symptoms of fever, cough, and diarrhea;
- During the 14 days before returning, the graduate has close contact with a confirmed or suspected case;
- The graduate who is currently in a medical observation;
- The graduate whose request of returning has not been approved.
f. The graduates who can not do nucleic acid test in their residential city can report this condition to BHI and return after request approved. After return, the students will be quarantined and receive a nucleic acid test organized by BHI(BHI will cover the test fees). After the positive result comes out, the quarantine ceases and his/her graduation process could be done. To save time and avoid unnecessary matters, BHI suggests graduates do the test in their residential cities.
g. The graduate who finished the test in residential city shall keep the receipt and hand in to the counselor for reimbursement.

4. Arrangements during the return
a. The graduate will finish the graduation process which will be notified later;
b. The graduation ceremony and party will be held online. BHI will give all graduates who meet the requirements of degree granting bachelor gowns as gifts;

II. Preparation for returning

1. Be mentally prepared. Attach importance to the return and recognize the infectious characteristics of the virus. Do not be afraid or panic. Follow the rules and do the protection in advance;
2. Keep daily report of health condition via WPS app. Make sure no information is missed, mistakened, or faked. The counselors shall monitor the health condition of the graduates during the 14 days before returning;
3. Know the comment tips of prevention and control. Attend the First Class for Returning organized by the counselors;
4. Prepare gears for prevention and control, such as disposable mask, disposable gloves, sanitary tissues, etc. BHI also prepares package of prevention and control for the students; 
5. Personal identifications. ID card, campus card, student card, etc.

III. Notice on the way of returning

1. Choose suitable transportation
Try to avoid the transportation with a high density of travelers. Keep the tickets of the transportation for a time and location record. If choose to travel by taxi, remember the time, location, car number and other relevant information. If choose to travel by flight, choose the seats by the window. If travel by train, choose the seats at two sides of the train. If possible, you'd better travel by your own vehicle.
2. Personal prevention
Travel by public transportation, you should wear a mask ran reduce the contact with the items in the transporation. Wash your hands often. Cover your nose and mouth with a paper or your elbow when you cough or sneeze. Avoid communication on the transportation.
3. Monitor personal health condition
If fever, fatigue, dry cough, headache, vomit, and other symptoms appears, especially a body temperature over 37.3 degree centi gree. You shall report to the counselors, re-schedule or cancel the returning. If these symptoms appear during the trip of returning, you shall avoid contact with surroundings, report to the counselors and families, obtain prompt medical help right after the arrival.
4. Contact after meeting emergencies during the trip
If you meet any emergent event during the trip and can not return to campus, please follow the instructions of the officials and contact your counselor and families.
5. Pickup arrangements
BHI will arrange pickup services in Beijing Railway Station, Beijingnan Railway Station, Beijingxi Railway Station, Beijing Capital International Airport, and Beijing Daxing International Airport. The detailed information will be notified by the counselor. If your fight or train is delayed, please let the counselor know.

IV. Check in process on returnng day

1. Graduates shall enter from the west gate. After the body temperature tested and the identity checked, graduates are allowed to enter. Graduates shall leave the campus from the north gate.
2. Graduates from Beijing shall show the ID card or student card, green code to check in. Graduates from other cities shall show the ID card or student card, green code, nucleic acid test result to check in, and shall finish the scan and check in on Jingxinxiangzhu on returning date.
3. Graduates shall have another body temperature test at the gate of student dormitory. After arrive at the room, graduates shall contact parents and report the current condition.
4. According to the requirements of prevention and control,no relatives could enter the campus to company the graduates. Vehicles can park in the temporary parking areas along the road between east and west zone but shall not enter the campus. The guards of the campus shall guide the parents to park. 
5. BHI sets a express delivery service booth and a volunteer service station in the west zone for the luggage delivery services.
6. Graduates shall return on the date as they request. The arrival date shall not be ahead of or delayed to the requested date. If there is any special circumstances, please contact your counselor. If anyone return without request approved or hide, fake the returning information, BHI shall act in compliance with the related regulations and the graduate shall bear the costs generated.

V. Prevention and control after return

1. During the outbreak of COVID-19, BHI is working on all prevention and control measures according to the instructions of the official departments. The campus is closed.
2. Act strictly on the rule of asking for leave. Anyone who asks a leave for bad health condition, will be evaluated and approved by Student Affairs Department. With the approval of the COVID-19 Prevention and Control Team, he/she can leave the campus.
3. Monitor daily health condition. The returning graduates shall do body temperature check three times a day in the morning, at noon, and night. The check result shall be reported on the DingTalk platform.
4. All returning graduates are suggested dine on campus. Meals could be ordered one day before on Regale Restaurant WeChat official account and be delivered by Regale staff to the gate of dormitory. 
5. Returning to campus, all graduates shall comply with the prevention and control regulations of domitory, Academic and Admin Building, library, and other public areas.
6. Relative knowledge of virus prevention shall be acquired. Graduates shall form good habits and living style. Keep healthy physically and mentally.
7. On campus, graduates shall report to their counselors once there is any symptom such as fever, dry cough, fragile, sneeze, diarrhea, etc and shall avoid entering public areas.
8. Please pay attention to waste classification and keep the environment clean.
9. If any emergent event happens on campus and requires on site aid, please call 010-89284872 Security Department and contact the counselor at once.
10. The Psychological Health and Consulting Center is ready to offer consulting services. If you will mentally uncomfortable or panic, please make a consulting appointment.

VI. Notice for Graduates Without Returning Plan
1. Your personal files,certificates of graduation and degree will be posted to you.
2. If the graduates requires an address change of their hukou administration, you could enjoy an one on one service provided by the Security Department. If your hukou administration doesn't require to be changed, it could be reserved in BHI for two years.
3. Luggages in your dorm could be posted by your classmates who has your authorisation. You shall send the written authorisation to your counselor in advance.
4. Books borrowed from the library could be returned by your classmates or delivered directly to the library. 
5. Keep your home clean and conduct sanitary.
6. Go out for exercise. Avoid trips to popular attractions at the high peak time.
7. Have enough rest and adjust emotions.

Edition: Wang Wenbin, Student Development and Services Center
Gao Yan, Meng Huanyu, News Center

©2015 Beijing Hospitality Institute