Holiday Notice for Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day in 2020

All departments:
In accordance with the Notice of The General Office of the State Council, The Holiday Arrangement of Some Festivals in 2020 (No. 16 [2019] of the General Office of the State Council) , and the overall work arrangement of BHI, the holiday arrangement of the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day in 2020 is defined as follows:

1. The holiday duration is from October 1st to 8th , a total of 8 days. On September 30th (Wednesday), theoretical classes in the 9th and 10th teaching periods will be closed, and the practical classes on that evening will also be closed. No make-up classes will be arranged for the involved courses . Relative teachers shall adjust the course schedule by yourself.

2. September 27th and October 10th will be normal working days. On the two days, classes shall be given in accordance with the curriculum on Wednesday and Thursday of the 6th teaching week respectively.

3. During the holiday, the library will be open from 10:30 to 22:30 from October 2nd to 8th.

4. All departments should follow:
(1) During the vacation, all staff members shall leave Beijing only when necessary. If any staff member need to leave Beijing, he/she shall report this to the department in advance. The department shall fill in the Registration Form of Staff Leaving Beijing and report it to the Human Resources Department before September 28th. When the staff return to Beijing, the department shall fill in the Registration Form of Returning Staff, and report it to Human Resources Department by October 10.

(2) Students are not advised to leave the campus during the holiday. If It’s necessary to leave, a leave application should be performed in advance on the platform of DingDing App. Before returning to school, a report should be sent on DingDing for the cancellation of leave.

(3) All teachers and students will be strictly prohibited from going abroad during the holiday, including going to Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.
(4) All teachers and students should pay attention to safety, hygiene and epidemic prevention during the holiday.

We hereby inform you.

Administrative Executive Department, Academic Affairs Department

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