Notice on Fire Protection Drill

In acompliance with Fire Protection Law of the People's Republic of China and Provisions on the Administration of Fire Safety at Institutions of Higher Learning, BHI will organize a fire protection drill on emergency evacuation on November 10. Please find the details as follows:

1. Time
November 10, 14:00

2. Venue
No.1 Student Dormitory, No. 2 Student Dormitory

3. Drill Details
Emergency evacuation, instruction and practice of using fire extinguishers

4. Participants
Security Office, Logistics Section, Student Development and Service Center, News Center, all faculties and students who have no schedule classes

5. Guests
Fire squadron of Panggezhuang, property management of BHI, security team, fire protection maintenance unit of BHI

6. Note
(1) All participants shall dress in casual;
(2) To come close the real case, the fire alarm will be broadcasted on the air. There will be smoke in the dormitory buildings. Fire truck will enter the campus for rescue. All participants shall cover their noses and mouths with wet towels and evacuate orderly and assemble at the basketball field of west zone, queuing behind the signal;
(3) All participants shall follow the route of the evacuation map sticked to the doors of their rooms. No one shall jump in the queue and bump with panic.

Security Office
October 29, 2020

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