Notice on Reaction to Blue Warning of Strong Wind Weather

All departments:

    Under the influence of strong cold air, Beijing will have strong wind and cooling weather from the day of 15th to 17th. It is expected that there will be northerly winds of force three or four from 15th to 16th in Beijing, with gusts of force six or seven, and the minimum temperature at night will drop to 1 to 2. Beijing Meteorological Center has issued blue warning signal for strong wind and blue warning signal for cold wave. In order to deal with the bad weather, avoid and reduce its impact on our work, and ensure the safety of all teachers and students, the relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:


    1. All departments should attach great importance to the weather warning, convey and implement relevant work arrangements in place, and inspect the respective office areas to ensure that the doors and windows are carefully checked and closed before leaving work. The Student Affairs Department should remind students to refrain from going outdoors.



    2. Strengthen inspection to ensure safety. Security Department and Logistics Department should strengthen the inspection of key parts of the campus to eliminate potential security risks. All relevant departments shall ensure that the windows of classrooms, library, gymnasium, training hotel, student apartments and other public areas of the buildings are closed.


    3. Activate countermeasures to the temperature drop to ensure the normal operation of water, electricity, air conditioning and other equipment and facilities.


    4. Stick strictly to posts and ensure information transmitted smoothly. If any emergency occurs,  report to the administration office immediately.


Executive Office

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