The most beautiful Class Emblem PK, speak out your class story

On 29 December 2015, the competition of 2015 Grade ‘the most beautiful class emblem’ is launching in Lecture Theater 1123. We-chat context, which created 20,000 amount of attention, has come to a fierce competition of final voting. Eventually, top 10 class emblems can leap to the final match.

Judges composed from office manager of student management department—Mrs. Yang, Yan zhonghua, who is the manager of hospitality management department student working office, and some relative counsels. Meanwhile, as public comment representatives, some excellent senior students have encouraged freshmen a lot.

I am carefully listening!

       Our class emblem, our class story                     Guitar, a symbol of adolescents

  Our class song, I am performing            I heard of that beauty and song is a fantastic picture

The living theatre is our youth story.  Please give me 1 minute; you will fall in love with our class.

H1507 wins the award of Popularity

According to the PPT, their show and selection, class H1507 wins the award of Popularity. Basing on the scores of the judges, three different prizes appear:

Mrs. Yang has expressed her great expectations for grade 2015 students.

Third Prize: H1519、H1522、H1523

Second Prize: H1502、H1515

First Prize: H1507

Awarded students have taken group pictures with organizers from hospitality management office and counsels’ assistants group.

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