The most fashionable student association in Beijing The BHI Wine Appreciation Club

What do hospitality management students learn?

As a student majoring in hospitality management, I would like to introduce one of our compulsory courses:

Wine Appreciation

We learn about vintage years, regions where grapes are grown, varieties and flavors, in addition to the history and culture of wine.
I would like to introduce to you an off-campus activity at the BHI Wine Appreciation Club (a basic wine smell and tasting class held in the SOHO Building, Chaoyang District.

To distinguish the wine from the smell, we start by using a standard aroma. Are you familiar with the aroma of blueberry, strawberry, mulberry, rose, and mint?

In addition to the aroma, we also have standard flavors, for example; eucalyptus leaves, black pepper, thyme, cigar leaves.

One nose is never enough!

On this occasion, we tried five red wine samples made from five different grapes: Pinot Noir with the flavor of red plum, and red rose. Red cherry is fresh and elegant; Shiraz with a rich aroma of black pepper and blackberry is so special. We also taste red wine made from Grenache, Melot and Cabernet Sauvignon.

When one opens a bottle of wine, the process should be stable, accurate and quick. BHI students are well acquainted to doing so.

The colors of the 5 red wines are easily distinguishable, but the flavor can be only be accurately assessed by those well versed in the nuances.

Smell and taste require the standard characteristics. We indulge in the world of wine, it is so enjoyable!

After class, there is a networking event. Students can discuss many topics and make new friends.

We learn about the wine label, wine corkage. Practice makes perfect!

Do wines from all over the world appeal to you?
Come and join us!
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