Time to Fly: 2018 Graduation Ceremony

    Four years ago, they met in BHI. 22 June, 2018, they said goodbye to BHI and spread their wings to fly to their bright future. 

In front of Training Hotel

On the Playground

    Mr. Zhang Huailin, vice president of BHI announced the Decision on Degree Awarding. 

    Dr. Gao Songtao, president of BHI turned the tassel and awarded the degree certificate to the students. 

    Mr. Yateendra SINH, CEO of Laussanne Hospitality Consulting from EHL Group granted the authentification certificates to the students. 


    Students were busy with taking pictures with their classmates, teachers and parents. 

Parents, Dr. Gao Songtao and Mr. Zhang Huailin

This is Our Day!


Interaction Between Graduates and Distinguished Guests

    Ms. She Lirong and Mr. Wang Qinglin dressing up to the nines, as the host, announced the opening of the Graduation Party. 

The Founder and the Chairman of BHI, Dr. Li Botan Delivering the Speech

    “This is your big day of graduation and a start of your new stage. It is a common topic for us that how to make a plan for your career and life. I would like to suggest you developing the following habits: Always be ready to help others; lifelong learning and thinking; be brave to practice; cooperate and communicate with others; be honest and trustworthy. Hope you would uphold the goal of serving people, the value of hard struggle, the principle of seeking truth from facts. There's no stratch line in your life. Everyone is always on the road. I wish every student a bright future. "

Mr. Yateendra SINH Delivering the Speech

    “Congratulations! Knowledge, perseverance & resilience is like a muscle, you can train it up and draw on it when you need it. In today’s world, you are part of a new generation that is changing the rules. Hope you would get back to your chosen profession – hospitality and make a great progress."

Speech Delivered by Mr. Boni Mansi, GM of Hilton Beijing Wangfujing Hotel

    “2018 marks the 10 year anniversary of the Beijing Hospitality Institute. BHI is held in high regards not only in Beijing, but China as well. We hope to share some of our 100 years’ experience in the hospitality and hotel business to catalyze the development of this promising industry. I hope that the relationship between BHI and Hilton Worldwide continues to be as strong as it has been for the previous 10 years.” 

Speech Delivered by Faculty Representative, Ms. Zhang Le

    “Be decent before be professional. Do favors for others before do favors for yourself. Be down-to-earth, because there’s no shortcut from the present to the future. Do what want to do; be who you want to be; get whatever you want; let go whatever you can’t get. Again, congratulations on your graduation!”

Speech Delivered by Representative of Graduates’ Parents, Ms. Song Lan

Mr. Zhang Huailin Announced the List of Excellent Graduates

Prof. Gan Lianfang, Director of BHI Board, Awarding the Excellent Graduates

Distinguished Guests from Hotels Expressing Their Wishes and Congrats to the Graduates 

Dr. Gao Songtao Delivering the Speech on the Party 

    “Tomorrow, you will enter a new university which is society. I want to share BHIer’s 5H Quality with you. Hand, which means be practical; head, which means thinking while doing; heart, which means to love what you are doing; health, which means developing a healthy lifestyle, at least a hobby and a form of exercise; happiness, which means keeping a positive attitude. Beloved graduates, work hard, play harder, go and chase your dream!” 

Dr. Gao Songtao, Mr. Zhang Huailin, Mr. Cui Chao Performing on the Stage

    Wish you a bright future, graduates!

©2015 Beijing Hospitality Institute