Supporting China Open for Consecutive Five Years - the Sustained All-round and High-level Professional Service of Beijing Hospitality Institute

    On October 5th 2018, China Open official website reported the contribution made by student volunteers from Beijing Hospitality Institute to China Open business reception on the home page. Here is the original coverage. 

    2018 China Open exactly falls on the National Day holiday. As the sole high-end business service provider in China, Beijing Hospitality Institute has been providing all-around and high-level professional services for China Open for consecutive five years. This year, Beijing Hospitality Institute also dispatches 157 students to take part in event service. 

Learning + Practice - Beijing Hospitality Institute Volunteers Practice the Core Values of “Respect, Professionalism and Responsibility”

    During the past five days in the event, Beijing Hospitality Institute volunteers have already undertaken their work in different posts. Now, Let’s see their work on site! 

    During the past five days, under the concerted efforts of students in the Ticket Service Center, there is no complaint about distinguished guest ticket inspection and event watching guidance and audiences’ problems have been all solved without delay. China Open Ticket Service Center sings high praise for the  Distinguished Guest Ticket Service Center of Beijing Hospitality Institute! 

    Volunteers in the Etiquette Department have to work for 15 hours per day. Irrespective of the arduous work tasks, volunteers are not afraid of difficulties and still work with enthusiastic and professional attitudes. Staff in the Organization Committee also highly affirms the performance of volunteers. 

    As the newly increased post this year, Hotel Reception Assistant also plays a vital role in Player Service Department in charge of the service for players and Organization Committee staff in the hotel. 

Learning for application - Beijing Hospitality Institute Incorporates Event Service into Class Teaching 

    From the initial cooperation between China Open and Beijing Hospitality Institute in 2014 to the qualification of Beijing Hospitality Institute as the sole high-end business talent training base designated by China Open in 2015 and the incorporation of China Open event service into Beijing Hospitality Institute teaching program in 2016, Beijing Hospitality Institute and China Open have walked through five years side by side. China Open provides a world-class large-scale event practice platform for students in Beijing Hospitality Institute, while Beijing Hospitality Institute ensures the professional business reception level of  international high-end event for China Open. 

    Beijing Hospitality Institute has been adhering to the school motto of “Learning for application” and emphasizing the high unity between theory and practice all the time. In order to afford better event services for China Open, Beijing Hospitality Institute incorporates volunteer service details into the teaching program and arranging professional supervisors to organize systematic and professional training to students including volunteer recruitment, upgrade training, high-end reception, appearance and manners, response to emergencies, and overall planning capacity. China Open event service is also included into practice class teaching program. The high attention of institute leaders, the conscientious and responsible attitudes of teachers and the professionalism and dedication of volunteers all lay a firm foundation for the quality event service. 

Translated by Wang Xin

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