2019 BHI Career Day Highlights: Executives Conduct Interview, Alumni back to BHI

    On 12th March, 2019, Career Day (for graduates) was held in BHI. A total of 88 hospitality companies from 6 provinces & cities and 11 well-known domestic and international hospitality groups participated in this meeting. More than 500 jobs provided opportunities to BHI students. 


    President of Beijing Hospitality Institute, Dr. Gao Songtao and Vice President, Mr. Zhang Huailin presented, communicating with job employers and keeping close eyes on students job interview. 


Dr. Gao communicated with Mr.Bernhard Wimmer, General Manager of NUO Hotel Beijing


Dr. Gao communicated with Mr.William Latour, General Manager of CHAO Hotel in San Li Tun, Beijing

    Mr.William Latour said that,"I am highly interested in BHI students. At present, there are many BHI alumni and interns in our hotel. They are very excellent!" CHAO and BHI students are very perfect match, because BHI students have been receiving international education, which are highly align well with our international brand. Additionally, our hotel has high professional requirements for talents, and BHI students are very competitive in terms of professionalism.


Dr. Gao communicated with director of admission in Bvlgari Hotel, Beijing 


Mr. Zhang communicated with Sun Yanan,who is a director of Human Resource Management in Waldorf Hotel, Beijing 


Group Photo for Dr. Gao(the Second No.2), Wei Chunyan(the left No.1), Director of Internship & Career Guidance Center; Mr.Alfonso.orona, Resident Manager of The Ritz-Carlton, Xi'an, and the director of Human Resources Department 


Mr.Dany Lützel, General Manager of Eclat Hotel, communicated with BHI students

    Mr.Dany Lützel says that he is very satisfied with the previous graduates of BHI who work in the Eclat Hotel. BHI students are very energetic, and they have strong learning competence. BHI students have a perfect  knowledge system and a unique perspective in terms of hospitality management. Besides, they have advanced level of English competence, which is a huge advantage of their work. I am looking forward to meeting more BHI students in Eclat Hotel.

    According to the statistics, in this recruitment, more than 70 companies have cooperated with BHI for 2 years and above, except Beijing Leduogang Marriott Hotel, Hyatt Regency Beijing Wangjing Hotel,Beijing Shiyuan Hyatt Hotel, Shanghai Oriental Sheshan Sofitel Hotel and Shanghai Hongqiao Cordis Hotel, who are the first time of recruitment in BHI. 

    This is the first time of Hyatt Regency Beijing Wangjing Hotel conducts recruitment in BHI. General manager Mr.Till Martin stated that I have experienced excellent organizational skills of BHI students, when I stepped into BHI. As a new hotel under the Hyatt Group, it is a good career development platform for the graduates. The hotel will develop a specific training plan for them and look forward to joining us!


BHI students communicated with director of admission in Wangjing Hyatt Hotel, Beijing

    BHI 2015 class students actively choose their favorite positions at this recruitment.






BHI students actively communicate with employers 

    It is a highlight of alumni back to BHI,who gave suggestions for students. 

    They suggested that students should consider their careers comprehensively, combinating their internship experience with future career plans.


BHI Alumni and Shang Xiao(the left No.1), Deputy Director of Lifestyle, Nuo Hotel, Beijing 


BHI Alumni andYang Qing(the left No.1), Director of Human Resources Department, Hyatt Regency Beijing Wangjing Hotel


BHI Alumni and Zhang Wenyang(the left No.1), Specialist of Recruitment in Fairmont Hotel,Beijing 


BHI Alumni and Liu Enyuan(the left No.1), Duty Manager of Front Hall, Grand Hyatt,Beijing


BHI Alumni andYu Dongsheng(the second No.3), Deputy Director of Commune Sales, Great Wall

    Finally, we are grateful to the volunteers who have worked hard for this recruitment, and appreciate for the support of the Propaganda Department of BHI Youth League Committee, the Media Federation of BHI Youth League Committee, BHI Alumni Association and the BHI Press Group. 


Volunteers of Career Day

Reported by Feng Rui, Internship and Career Center

Edited by Gao Yan, News Center

Translated by Ouyang Lianzi

©2015 Beijing Hospitality Institute