BHI Excellent Interns Award Ceremony: Life is blooming!







Ladies and Gentlemen Dressed up in Gorgeous Attire, Attending BHI Excellent Interns Award Ceremony
    On April 9th, the 2017 BHI Excellent Interns Award Ceremony was held in the banquet hall of teaching hotel. This conference has awarded 295 outstanding interns and 4 excellent internship teams.
Zhang Huailin, BHI Party Secretary and Vice President
    2017 class BHI students have praised by hiring companies, like several five star hotels and Disney Hotel, even if only one year of hospitality management study, which claimed that BHI students have practised the core values of“respect, professionalism and responsibility” in their work, and have achieved the philosophy of“learning for application”. 
Wei Chunyan, Director of Career Center 
    The hospitality industry has highly praised 2017 BHI students’ professional knowledge and skills, professionalism and work attitude, learning ability and communication skills. A total of 295 students were recommended as excellent interns by hiring hotels for their excellent performance. Excellent internship teams were from Beijing NUO Hotel, Fairmont Beijing, InterContinental Shanghai National Exhibition Center and Orlando, United States. 
    In this ceremony, as an representative of excellent internship team, the Orlando Disney Interns have reviewed their work and life during their internship, using the form of flash mob , and showing a different team and an extraordinary internship experience.
2017 Class student: Xiong Yueqi, a Representative of Excellent Interns
2017 Class student: Sun Guojie, a Representative of Excellent Interns
    2017 student Xiong Yueqi and Sun Guojie, as representatives of outstanding interns, shared their internship in this meeting. Six months intern, they prided for their achievements, delighted for their acquisition, and regretted for their mistakes. Through the internship, they have obtained authentic experience and deeply understanding of the hospitality industry. With problems and harvest encountered in the internship, they will study harder than before. 
Intership Instructors 
    While praising the excellent interns, we also need to appreciate 33 instructors who have accompanied, cared and helped students during the six-month internship. Thanks for their hard-working! 
Awarding Time 
Vice president Zhang Huailin Awarded for Outstanding Internship Teams
Yu Shichun, Director of Student Affairs Department, Awarded for Outstanding Interns
Guo Ruihuan, Director of Business Development Department, Awarded for Outstanding Interns
Xu Longyang, Deputy Dean of Teaching Affairs Department, Awarded for Outstanding Interns
Lu Tong, Deputy Dean of Teaching Affairs Department, Awarded for Outstanding Interns
Yu Haoli, Assistant Dean of Teaching Affairs Department, Awarded for Outstanding Interns
Liang Zhao, Assistant Director of Administrative and Executive Department, Awarded for Outstanding Interns
Shao Chao, Director of Student Development and Service Department, Awarded for Outstanding Interns
Shi Jingying, Director of BHI Culture Construction Office, Awarded for Outstanding Interns
Wei Chunyan Awarded for Outstanding Interns

Overcome difficulties and bring back hornor, 2017 class student will create more achievements! 



    Appreciating for all the volunteers of this ceremony! Thanks for Genius band amazing performance! 

Photo by Feng Yuming, Wang Sihan, Zhang Ruitong, Grade 2

Zhang Yufei, Grade 1

Zhang Zhili, Students Development and Service Center

Reported by Xiong Yueqi, Yan Zizhen, Grade 2

Feng Rui, Career Center

Edited by Gao Yan, News Center

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