A Bite of BHI -- Garlic Vealer Steak

    A Bite of BHI invites BHIers come to Chinese Resturant of Training Hotel, enjoying Garlic Vealer Steak together! 
Happy hours in beautiful spring!

Today's chef

微信图片_20190329131902.jpgKang Jianqiang
    Kang Jianqiang is a national senior technician. He used to be an executive chef in Hong Xiuhui Grand Restaurant, Dadong Roast Duck Restaurant in Beijing and International Hot Spring Hotel in Beijing. At present, he is a teacher for food production and operation, which belongs to Food and Beverage Teaching Affairs Department, BHI. He is also an exective chef in Chinese restaurant, specializing in visionary dishes. 
Main Ingredients
    Beef tenderloin, garlic, small onion rings, red and green peppers


    Ingredients: MSG, sugar, chicken flavour, pepper, oil, Donggu soy sauce, Meiji soy sauce, Yellow rice wine, water, starch.

Cooking Tips 
    Cut beef tenderloin into pieces and wrap them with a thin layer of starch.




    Brush pot with hot oil, then fry beef tenderloin until medium-well. 



Put amount of peanut oil in the pan and heat it into medium degree.Fry the garlic, and drain the oil for alternative usage. Take amount of MSG, sugar, chicken flavour, pepper oil, Donggu soy sauce, Meiji soy sauce, Huadiao wine, water and starch for preparing sauce. Pour the fried beef tenderloin and fried garlic into the pan. After stir fry, pour the prepared sauce with red and green peppers, small dried green onion rings. Continuing stir fry and reduce liquid. 
    Mr. Kang Tips: In order to aviod stick pot, putting cold oil into the hot pot is necessary. Beef tenderloin can be wrapped with starch , in order to maintain moisture and nutrient.
微信图片_20190329131928.jpgDish Display
    This dish is made of exquisite ingredients, full of color and flavor, delicious and attractive. The beef tenderloin is fresh and juicy. Full of  rich in taste, attractive, amazing and irresistible!
    Let’s dine in BHI Chinese Restaurant!

Reported by BHI Journalist Group
Photo by Wang Zijiao, Grade 2
         Zhang Dawei, Grade 1
Edited by Cao Lin, Grade 1
          Gao Yan, News Center

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