Teikyo University of Science & Technology and BHI Discuss Cooperation Online

    Recently, Academic Affairs Department and Business Development Department of BHI and Program Management team of Teikyo University of Science & Technology held an online discussion on the academic issues of Health Service and Management in BHI and teacher exchange program in the next stage. Professr Kenji Yamada, Program Manager Fuji Saku, Professor Lv Xiaotong, Professor Yoshiga from TUS and Director of Business Development Department Connie Guo, Assistant Dean Zeng Liting and related staff attended this discussion.

Program Management Team from both parties held online discussion
    The online meeting mainly discussed the schedule of online discussion between two parties during the epidemic, the specific arrangement and teaching form of TUS teachers who will go to BHI in the future, the plan of teacher exchange program, and the internship and employment of students who will study in Japan in the future. Professor Yamada said TUS would provide continuous support according to the needs of BHI.
    Professor Fujii first introduced the basic situation of teaching operation of Teikyo University of Science & Technology in Japan and asked about the current teaching operation and the working status of teachers in BHI. Director of Business Development Department Connie Guo expressed thanks about the plan future cooperation for TUS. She points out that although COVID - 19 outbreaks continue, but online discussion is convenient for both sides. By the end of the outbreak, BHI will arrange teachers to visit TUS; at the same time we welcome experts from TUS to visit BHI for communication and guidance once again. 
    Assistant Dean Zeng Liting expressed affirmation on building a system of regular seminars; teachers from both sides support each other and other proposals which are proposed by professor Yamada. Also teachers’ communication of both sides is the important link of the construction of the health service and management major. She hopes BHI could design curriculum in line with the educational philosophy through learning the advanced course system of old-age service in Teikyo University of Science & Technology. It is also hoped that UTS could support the international orientation for the freshmen of Health Service and Management in BHI.
    The online seminar laid a solid foundation for further cooperation between the two sides. BHI and TUS will also conduct online teaching seminars on a regular basis and continue to deepen cooperation in Health Services and Management as well as other fields.

Photos and Text: Yang Zhiqi, Professional Foundation Office

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