"Touring in Shanghai, Inviting Each Other with Wine" -BHI Alumni Meet in Shanghai in 2020

Party in Shanghai
    On August 8, the Shanghai branch of BHI Alumni Association held a alumni gathering themed "Touring in Shanghai, Inviting Each Other with Wine" in Shanghai COMM. 
    The activity was strongly responded by the members of Shanghai Branch and supported by the non-local alumni.
Yang Shasha,  an alumnus of 2016 who is the President of the Shanghai branch of BHI Alumni Association and now the director of Shenglian International Development, led the event. Zhou Ye, President of BHI Alumni Association and Zhang Xiaoyu, Director of Business Cooperation Department, were invited to attend the event, bringing the blessings of BHI and BHI Alumni Association to Shanghai alumni.
Some of BHI Alumni in Shanghai attended the event
Taking Photos
Rarely get together, of course we hope to take more group photos
Chat and drink with old friends I haven't seen for a long time 



    Where the alumni meet, there are common memorie of BHIer

    At the beginning of the event, every alumnus who participated in the event received a carefully prepared gift. 
Tote bags with the logo of BHI Alumni association logo, specific notebook sets with the logo of BHI Alumni association and the alumni badge all bring back the memories of the green days on campus.


    will never forget the story of BHI

    A promotional video of BHI is playing on the background wall of the event site from which alumni can see the vigorous development of BHI. 
    The past and the future are gathered here, so that every student in BHI can be proud of their Alma mater.

    On that day, many alumni shared wonderful contents and talked about their own views and understandings in the industry and the field they knew.
    The alumni also put forward their own requirements in terms of business cooperation, internship and employment, and providing excellent opportunities for BHIer.


The lucky draws push the atmosphere to the climax

During the meeting, BHIer put their names in a lucky box
Prizes will be offered by each alumnus to draw the lucky winners

2015 alumni Fan Wei (right) presents the award to Yang Shanglin (left), a member of Grade 2019
2014 alumnus Yang Shasha (right) presents the award to 2014 alumnus Wu Yuanyuan (left)
    Yang Shasha, President of the Shanghai branch of BHI Alumni Association, said, "The purpose of this event is to encourage members of the Shanghai branch to gather together and to provide a platform for alumni to communicate. The selection of this event site  is based on this concept, to provide wine, snacks and good seats for everyone in an open space, so that everyone can chat happily and eat happily.






    Good times are always short, and the 2020 BHI Alumni Association Shanghai gathering ended in joy. This afternoon, all the alumni have rediscovered the vitality of their student days, and that short but precious time will always be the most beautiful memory in life.
    All the BHIer are also very grateful for Alumni Association platform set up by BHI. We look forward to the next gathering between the teachers, students and alumni of BHI!

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