“Star”Luck | BHI Interns Helped the Ritz Carlton Shanghai, Pudong Keep Its Five-star Hotel Tittle on Forbes Travel Guide

As the indicator to luxury hotel rating, Forbes Travel Guide, which is founded in 1958, is the world’s leading authority on luxury travel with its independent and global rating system and it is widely recognized by all sectors of society.
In the 2022 China hotel rating, BHI students Cheng Ze and Xu Sihan, Class of 2020, majoring in hotel management, helped the Ritz-Carlton Shanghai, Pudong be ranked as a five-star hotel by the Forbes Travel Guide for seven consecutive years with their outstanding performance, which fully demonstrates the professional level of BHI students.
In this issue, we invited the two students to share the moment“getting stars” with us and recall the unforgettable moment together.


The 2022 Forbes Travel Guide
(Photo source: official account of the Ritz-Carlton Shanghai, Pudong )


Cheng Ze (left)  and Xu Sihan (right)

01: Repetition and carefulness are our“secret”to getting stars
The two students’internship coincided with the hotel’s preparation period for the five-star hotel rating by the Forbes Travel Guide. Participating in such a grand event is a test of their comprehensive ability and also a“highlight moment” in their internship. They quickly adapted themselves to the situation and put themselves into the tense preparation work.
Cheng Ze, an intern in the Room Service Department, gave full play to meticulousness and repetition. He always believes that only transforming the standard into memory with ten thousand times of practice can it achieve the desired effect when taking the real test.


Photo source: Official Wechat account of the Ritz-Carlton Shanghai, Pudong

Xu Sihan, an intern in the Spa Center, believes that only with a rich knowledge reserve can a clerk be comfortable, confident and decent in customer service.

02: "Getting stars" moment
Every year, Forbes Travel Guide sends professional judges to visit hotels around the world as regular guests to rate hotels, restaurants and spas based on 900 rigorous and objective criteria.
During the secret inspection of the judges, Xu Sihan and Cheng Ze were both lucky to be part of the assessment. With plenty of preparation, both of them impressed the Forbes Travel Guide judges. 


Xu Sihan took a group photo with colleagues in the department
The Ritz-Carlton Shanghai, Pudong honored and commended all the gentlemen and ladies who had outstanding performance and were mentioned in the Forbes rating. Among them, only three of them were interns, and two of them are from BHI.
Certificate of Commendation
 Cheng Ze said that professionalism is crucial for interns to quickly adapt to the work environment. BHI regulates all teachers and students to follow the dress code and service etiquette of China hotel industry, so that students can quickly adapt to the environment when they enter the workplace.
Xu Sihan thought the practical operation courses in BHI enable students to systematically learn the daily operation of the hotel and understand the operation characteristics of each department of the hotel, and thus lay a solid foundation for their internship.

Letter of Commendation

The excellent performance of the two students helped the hotel to win the honorary titles of Forbes Travel Guide Five-star Hotel and Forbes Travel Guide Five-star Spa, which was not only praised by the hotel, but also highly praised by the director of human resources.


Ailsa Fan, Director of Human Resources Department 
The students of BHI set out with enthusiasm for hotel management and continue to shine in the industry. The two outstanding students in this "getting stars " story are just the epitome of many outstanding students of BHI.
In the future, BHI students will dive into the industries with more energy and more solid professional skills to make their own contributions to China services!
Special Thanks To 

The Ritz-Carlton Shanghai, Pudong 


Text: Yang Shanglin and Chen Xuanjun, BHI Press Corps 
Photo: Career Center; Official Wechat account of the Ritz-Carlton Shanghai, Pudong
Typesetting: Yang Shanglin, BHI Press Corps 
Editor: Gao Yan, News Center 

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