BHI English Corner | A Carnival on Halloween HAPPY HALLOWEEN

On October 26th, in order to provide an chance for BHI teachers and students to enjoy the atmosphere of Halloween and improve their oral English, the Foreign Language Office of Teaching Affairs Department held an very hot English corner activity at the Ruige cafeteria.

The most important feature of this English corner is that it incorporated the elements of Halloween. During the activity, students spoke freely around the theme of Halloween. Foreign teachers Mr. Simba and Mr. Miguel introduced the origin, customs and celebration methods of Halloween to the students, which further increased their knowledge, broadened their horizons, and also exercised their English ability.

Foreign teachers Mr. Simba (first from left), Mr. Miguel (first from right)

Mr. Simba (first from right), Mr. Miguel (first from left)

Introducing Halloween knowledge to studentsTeachers and students listened carefullyStudents actively answered questions in the activitymask makingGroups of students shared the stories behind the masks they madeMask display

The first English Corner activity in this semester has been successfully completed, and we look forward to meeting you again next month in English Corner!

Picture/text: Yang Jing, Foreign Language Office

Typesetting: Wang Sihan, BHI Press Corps

Editor: Gao Yan, News Center

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