BHI Charming Club: Yangqin Han Costume Club

How shall it be said that you have no clothes? I will share my long robes with you.

Han Costume is one of the carriers of Chinas model nation of dressing and state of etiquette, carrying the outstanding crafts and aesthetics of Han nationality, such as dyeing, weaving and embroidery.

The original intention of BHI Yangqin Han Costume Club is to promote Han Costume culture, enhance national confidence and cultural confidence, and better inherit the fine traditions of the Chinese nation.

The elegant demeanor of BHI Yangqin Han Costume Club

How do colleagues greet?


When making a bow, you should widen your feet slightly and stand firmly. You should straighten your knees, bend your body, lower your head, look at your toe cap, and arch your hands down.

When you bow to the venerable, raise your hand to your eyes and lower them down;

When you bow to the elders, raise your hands to your mouth and lower them down;

When you bow to your peers, raise your hands to your heart and lower them down;

Raise your hands with body up, and cross them around your chest.

    2.Hand Crossing 

For the way of crossing hands, the left hand should hold the thumb of the right hand tightly, the little finger of the left hand should be on the right wrist, the four fingers of the right hand should be straight, the thumb of the left hand should be upward, and the right hand should cover the chest. The hand should not be too close to the chest, but should be slightly away from it.

3.All blessings

When you greet, hold your hands in front of your chest, fold your thumbs, bow your head, bend your knees, and put your hands on your abdomen, sayingall blessings to you.

Wonderful moments of the Club      Incense lore, fan making, hairpin making and classical instrument playing are the favorite activities of the students of Yangqin Han Costume Club. Every time when the club has an activity, students dresses in Han costume, read ancient books, and make round fans and hairpins in leisurely incense, adding a little classical flavor to the campus.

Han Costume, as the traditional dress of Han people, has dual characteristics of nationality and tradition.

It is an important part of traditional Chinese culture.

Yangqin Han Costume Club has built a platform for students who like Han costumes and love traditional culture to communicate and interact.

Look forward to the joining of more friends who love Han costume!

Picture: Dong Jingyi and Zhang Taiyu, BHI Press Corps; Feng He, News Center

Typesetting/text: Huang Yiyun, BHI Press Corps

Editor: Gao Yan, News Center

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