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On the evening of September 7th, the "Global Culinary Master International Challenge 2023" China Grand Final Awards Ceremony and Closing Ceremony were held at the Daoxiang Food Culture Center. Guests and participating contestants gathered to witness the birth of the "Global Culinary Master."

This year's "Global Culinary Master Challenge" featured an international panel of esteemed culinary experts as judges, including Chen Zhihan, the Founding Chairman of the "Global Culinary Master International Professional Association," Zhou Guoming, the Greater China Region Chairman of the Hong Kong Professional Sommeliers Association, and the renowned Hong Kong filmmaker Lin Chaorong. With an open, fair, and impartial approach, they evaluated the most professional results.


Since the beginning of the competition, participants from all around the world have used their culinary skills to transform various ingredients into delicious dishes. In this competition, the Beijing Hospitality Institute (BHI) sent two contestants, Ma Jialin from the 2021 Hotel Management program and Lu Yulu from the 2020 Finance Management program. They performed exceptionally well during the competition, attracting significant attention and becoming the focal points of the event. In the end, after comprehensive tasting and scoring by the judges, Ma Jialin from BHI secured the "Highest Honor Gold Award" in the student individual category, while Lu Yulu from BHI and another participant received the Gold Award in the student individual category. Furthermore, Ma Jialin and Lu Yulu collaborated effectively to earn the Silver Award in the student group category.


It is reported that this edition of the "Global Culinary Master Challenge" was organized by the "Global Culinary Master International Professional Association" with the aim of providing a platform for chefs and restaurant management professionals to learn, exchange, and showcase their skills. In the future, the Beijing Hospitality Institute (BHI) will continue to support its faculty and students in participating in professional competitions. These competitions will be integrated with theoretical coursework, fostering learning, practice, and teaching through competition, effectively enhancing the professional interests and capabilities of both students and teachers.04.jpg05.jpg

Contestants at the Competition

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