Heartfelt Affection | College Leaders Visit and Console Faculty and Staff Holding Their Posts During the Spring Festival

Visiting the Frontlines, Sending Sincere Affection, Warmly Caring for Hearts

 — College Leaders Visit and Console Personnel on Duty During the Spring Festival

On February 9th, Vice Dean Zhang Huailin from Beijing Hospitality Institute (BHI) visited and extended regards to the faculty and staff who were on duty during the Spring Festival, presenting New Year's wishes and gifts on behalf of the institute.

Zhang Huailin visited various places such as the campus control room, security department, student dormitory duty room, gatekeepers, property office, etc., to visit and console the frontline personnel on duty, thoroughly understanding the situation of administrative duty, security, and logistical support during the winter vacation. He had cordial exchanges with the on-duty staff, highly recognizing their diligent work in campus safety, environmental hygiene, and logistical services, and expressed heartfelt thanks and profound respect for their actions of sacrificing their own family time during the Spring Festival to stay on duty and selflessly contribute. He hoped that everyone would continue to be loyal to their duties, willing to contribute, and effectively carry out daily inspections of campus access management and key areas, fulfilling their duties to ensure campus safety and stability, and fully guaranteeing the safety of the school. He extended New Year greetings and best wishes to the on-duty faculty and staff, urging everyone to take care of their health and spend a joyful, peaceful, and safe Spring Festival.


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Zhang Huailin comforts the security team.

640 (2).jpgZhang Huailin comforts the cleaning team.
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Zhang Huailin engages in discussions with the logistical and property maintenance staff.

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Zhang Huailin consoles the dormitory duty personnel.

This visit brought care directly to the duty personnel and warmth to the hearts of those on the frontline, reflecting the warmth of the institute's family. Everyone expressed their determination to fulfill their duties responsibly, ensuring to perform their duty diligently and responsibly, and to do their utmost in duty, security, and logistical support work, making positive contributions to the development of the institute.

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