"Mastering the Art of Chinese Tea"

Smell the Fragrance of Tea, Learn the Art of Tea, Appreciate the Charm of Tea

To enrich the leisure cultural life of female workers, cultivate their sentiments, inspire their enthusiasm and vitality for work, and enhance their sense of happiness and achievement, Beijing Hospitality Institute recently arranged a wonderful themed tea art training session titled "Mastering the Art of Chinese Tea" for the labor union of a certain enterprise. The training was conducted by the renowned teacher and national senior tea artist, Chi Mengfei.


Chi Mengfei demonstrated on-site.

The teaching scene.



Interacting with employees from the company.

Tea has been an integral part of Chinese culture for thousands of years, symbolizing hospitality and friendship. In a cup of tea lies a miniature world, and with each sip, one can contemplate life's vastness. Therefore, tea not only embodies China's rich cultural heritage but also serves as an excellent medium for modern interpersonal communication.

During the training session, starting from the classic works on tea, Chí Méngfēi elaborated on the origins of tea, its evolution, classification, common tea utensils, the arrangement of tea sets, tea etiquette, and the essential elements and methods of brewing the six major types of tea. Through this, she demonstrated her exquisite skills in the art of tea, allowing participants to experience first-hand the profoundness and enduring legacy of tea culture.

the on-site exchange



During the hands-on practice session, Chi Mengfei conducted a live tea art demonstration. With detailed and professional explanations, participants eagerly picked up tea utensils to experience brewing techniques and tea tasting methods, immersing themselves in the fragrance and elegance of the tea ceremony. Throughout the practical exercises, everyone learned diligently, practiced in harmony, and received active guidance from the instructor. Mistakes were promptly corrected, and questions were answered to ensure a fruitful learning experience. The atmosphere was both educational and enjoyable, as participants exchanged insights and shared their experiences while surrounded by the lingering aroma of tea, truly appreciating the charm of traditional culture.

The tea art training acted as a refreshing stream, enriching employees' cultural lives and relieving work pressure amidst their busy schedules. Participants expressed that the training not only enhanced their artistic appreciation, facilitated communication, and relaxed their minds, but also, while savoring the aroma of tea, deeply felt the humane care and respect from the company's union. In the future, Beijing Hospitality Institute will continue to promote the essence of Chinese traditional culture, facilitate cultural exchanges and integration between the school and enterprises, and bring the essence of tea art culture to the industry, empowering the industry as a whole.

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