Start on High Note – BHI Freshmen Military Training Closing Ceremony & School Opening of 2016

Have you ever seen students’ team marching in a military training performance on black suits? Have you ever send a letter to your future self on the Opening Ceremony? Have you ever imaged the combination of a military training camp and a hospitality institute? In BHI, all of these come true!

On the morning of August 27, 2016, BHI Freshmen Military Training Closing Ceremony & School Opening of 2016 was held on the school field. Freshmen of 2016, parent representative, alumni representative, distinguished guests from hospitality industry, the president of BHI Dr. Gao Songtao, teachers and faculties presented on the opening ceremony and enjoyed several shining moments together, and again touched by freshmen’s strong voice and will on high note.

Students Raising the National Flag


Black Team -- The Unique Team with BHI Manners

Anti – Terrorism Simulation Field – Counter-Strike in BHI

BHI Logo in the Formation Performance

Dr. Gao Songtao, President of BHI Delivering the Speech 

Dr. Gao Songtao first made congrats on the students’ performance and welcomed all students who successfully passed the military training to be one of the BHI family.

“BHI trains real gentlemen and ladies. In the following four years, you are not only supposed to do more exercises, to keep fit, but also to be a professional hotelier. Work hard and play even harder. Be a decent man and behave decently. In this way, you will eventually realize your dream in BHI!”

Best Wishes from Experienced Hoteliers

Jiang Ziyuan, the Students Representative

Parents Representative Sending Her Congrats on Freshmen

Wang Xiang, Outstanding Alumni, Sharing His Experience on Being the Secretary to President

A Letter to Myself 4 Years Later

Launch of "Dreams Take Flight from BHI"

It’s the best time for the young, the brave, the talented, the passionate, the one who keeps on high note from the very beginning, and BHI will be the gentle breeze taking your dreams to the destination.


Further Readings:

Military education and training is a compulsory duty for freshmen in middle school, high school and college/university in China. Training attempts to help students to learn basic knowledge on national security, to build team spirits and to improve physical condition.

In BHI, apart from the traditional training programme, students shall also take manner training.

Danielle Feng

International Exchange Center

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