A Great Impact on Mindsets: QLF in BHI and A New Journey on Facilitating

On August 16, QLF (Qualified Learning Facilitator) Training Program jointly organized by EHL (Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne) and BHI (Beijing Hospitality Institute) ushered the 9th band of trainees. Curious and nervous, trainees entered the classroom in which they would spend much more time than they ever expected. 

Pulling But Not Pushing ---- Wei and Wallace, Two Excellent Facilitators

Tutorial for “One on One” Actual Run

“The sleeves can be shorter.” ---- Dressing Protocol Check

Special Simulation ---- Dinner Protocol

A Nice Shot of the Trainees and the Facilitator

“The class shall never end!” ---- Dr. Gao’s Speech on the Cocktail Party

Shirley, One of the Outstanding Trainees, Holding her Certificate

“We are QLF now!”

A Big Thank to Our Facilitator

At the cocktail party, both Dr. Gao and facilitators emphasized that the class didn’t end on the day you were certified. A new journey on the new facilitating had just begun and all the trainees were expected to be great facilitators in the future. Go for it, QLFers!

Danielle Feng

International Exchange Center

©2015 Beijing Hospitality Institute