We Are the Future – The 6th YHS Asia in BHI

The 6th Young Hoteliers Summit-Asia (6th YHS Asia) was held on 27 October and 28 October in BHI. Friends from different countries joined this distinguished event, including 70 students from Lebanon, India, Korea, Hong Kong and other local universities, executives from hotels, travel agencies, homestays, OTA, F&B industries worldwide. Discussion, Challenge and Group Presentation.

Participants Signed the Wall

Dr. Gao and Elites in Hospitality Industry

Dr. GAO Songtao, President of BHI, wished the emergence of good discussion, good meeting, good experience and good friends in the 6th YHS Asia. He also highly commended the excellent YHS Asia Team, which entirely consisted of BHI students working in Human Resource, Partnership, Public Relations and other departments.

The Champion of YHS Asia, Ms. Wang Chenwei

At the beginning of the Opening Ceremony, the students from Dance Club took all guests to do a simple YHSA dance together to liven up the summit.

After the warm up dance, guests delivered several presentations on the hospitality industry trends in the Internet Era. Afterwards, participants were assigned to seven groups to take part in more activities, including Round Table Discussion, Challenge and Group Presentation.

Participants in the Preparation of Group Presentation

Homestay, the Internet Era, online booking, and tens of topical issues were discussed by the participants and guests from the industry. 

The YHS Asia Carnival Banquet started with Dr. Gao Songtao’s toast to all guests. Guests could enjoy not only the delicious food cooked by the students, but also the performance of student organizations, including Genius Band and Dance Club.

Genius Band’s Performance

The Joint Stage by All Student Organizations

YHS Asia Team, Participants and Guests

The farewell came along with the last group’s presentation and the curtain of the 6th YHS Asia fell, which is the also the start of the 7th YHS Asia. Both teachers and students are ready for the new challenge coming.

Danielle Feng

International Exchange Center

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