BHI Afternoon Tea: Enjoy Your Beautiful Day with a Cup of Tea

Beijing Hospitality Institute had organized an afternoon tea practical course at Rising Bar on April 21th, 2017.  

Exquisite Desserts
Drinks made by BHI Students
While spring is coming in Beijing, and blue sky and green trees are becoming more adorable, have you ever imagine that you can travel around the world and enjoy your leisure time with a cup of afternoon tea?

Authentic French Afternoon Tea
In order to enrich the experience of practical courses, identical afternoon tea activities in various country-styles take place every month in BHI. What students will learn from these activities includes food production, catering service and sales and luxury brands knowledge.
Our theme of April was French afternoon tea. Students enjoyed their leisure time and got knowledge from design stories and culture of foreign brands through exotic desserts, soft drinks, wines and French luxury brands. 
Love of Provence
Made by Teacher Ju Yunlei, with base wines of Gin and Violet Liqueur
Smoked Chicken with Red Wine Onion Sauce and Strawberry
Blueberry Tart and Puff
The theme of Rising Bar for May will be Italian afternoon tea. Students and teachers can personalize particular afternoon tea for their own classes or associations. 

Translated by Gavin/Vice Director of International Program Office

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