With Mighty Will and Sharp Vision – The Fifth International Exchange Students’ Team in BHI

The fifth team of international exchange students arrived at BHI on September 12, 2017. Six out of nine students has already acquired high level HSK Certificates, which might bring them more chances on Career Day.


Group Photo on Arrival

Opening Ceremony

 Plunging into Deep Concentration

The Opening Ceremony, the campus etiquette training and dining protocol training were held on 14 September, 2017. Yu Haoli, the deputy director of Hospitality Management Department, delivered the welcoming remarks to the students: “BHI is equipped with advanced facilities and experienced faculties. I’d like you to try everything you are interested in and get advantage of the knowledge you have learned here, and then you will definitely have great performances on Career Day. Remember, work hard, play harder and I wish you nothing but the best in BHI.”

Yu Haoli, Deputy Director of Hospitality Management

Hu Xiuying, deputy director of International Exchange Center, introduced the 3+3 Program Setting to the students. 

Hu Xiuying, Deputy Director of International Exchange Center

Michael & Marion, Talented Students Were Conducting the Campus Etiquette Training 

Nikki Lu during the Dining Protocol Training

Language Proficiency Test

After the ceremony, the international students had their language proficiency test, which were divided into the written part and the oral part.

Most of Them Could Handle It Easily

Based on the information shared by the former students graduated from this program, most students made their detailed plans with mighty will and sharp vision. Let’s see more news on their tour in Beijing and Shanghai, Career Day experience and so on in the following report.

Translated by Danielle Feng/International Exchange Center

©2015 Beijing Hospitality Institute