Hot News: 2017 EHL Unannounced Audition

On March the 6th, Mr. Pierre and Mr. Aman, senior consultants from Lausanne Hospitality Consulting Company, arrived at BHI unannounced and started their flight inspection in 2017.

 Sitting-in on a Class
Inspecting the Dormitory 
Experiencing the Regale Restaurant  
In addition to the campus environment and the teaching facilities, the two consultants also inspected the classrooms and the dormitories randomly according to the weekly schedule. 
The two consultants had three feedback talks with the students and two talks with the teachers during the week-long flight inspection. No teaching staff attended the student talks, not even the photo taken. This ensured the professionalism and preciseness of the talks.  
Student Session
Conversations between the Consultant and the Students on the Career Day  
The two consultants also joined the 2017 BHI Career Day and had conversations with the students. They praised the students for their proper dressing. 
The Feedback Meeting 
On the last day of the flight inspection, the BHI management team had a feedback meeting with the two consultants. 
Huailin ZHANG, Vice President of BHI, Showed His Appreciation to the Consultants in the Meeting 
Oral Feedback by the Consultants  
Mr. Pierre stressed during the meeting that we should cultivate the future managers but not first-line employees here in BHI. So we can increase the difficulties in learning and give the students more pressure. The students should put forward their own ideas based on understanding to reach a higher academic level. Mr. Pierre cited the typical soup example: “we expect the students to make soups in the first year, to organize soup-making in the second year, to sell the soups in the third year, while to build a soup-making factory in the forth year.”
Besides, the two consultants from LHC proposed to update the teaching methodologies of the BHI teachers so that the gap between BHI and EHL could be reduced. They also suggested to increase the safety awareness through the courses like human resources management and financial management. Teachers should be creative while not relying too much on the advanced electronic technologies, they added. 
The two consultants would provide the BHI management team with detailed printed reports and follow-up service after the flight inspection.  

Translated by Tammy HU

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