Rhapsody of Youth: The 8th BHI Sports Meeting

With the boom of the gun salute, the Opening Ceremony of the 8th BHI Sports Meeting was kicked off.  

Gun salute at the Opening Ceremony

On April 25th, the 8th BHI Sports Meeting, also known as the 3rd Sports Meeting Self-organized by the Students, was held in the playground of BHI. All the teachers and students have experienced the vitality and creativity of the organizers.  

The unique BHI SquareTeams

The Distinguished Performances

The Minions in the Square Team

Songtao GAO, President of BHI,Delivering a Speech

TheMartial Arts Performances
The Student in the Relay Race 
The Long Jumper 
The Moment of Breasting the Tape  
The Typical Team Competition-Tug of War
Photo of the Working Staff
In addition to the preparations of the sports meeting, students also organized the award ceremony that night. 

Songtao GAO, President of BHI,Making a Speech Again 
The programme schedule, the light, the music and the invitation of the award ceremony were all completed by the student organizers. 

Ruihuan GUO, Dean of the Hospitality Management Department,Awarded Prizes for the Student Representatives of the TopThree Teams   

Tribute to the Classic, Imitating Micheal Jackson’s Famous Dance 

Chao CUI,Star Teacher in BHI,Singing Songs 
The Genius Orchestra Performance  

Students Coming from Beijing Sport University Giving a Performance 

Students Coming from Beijing Institute Of Fashion Technology Giving a Performance 

Students Coming from Beijing Information Science and Technology University Giving a Performance 

The Lucky Draw 

Photo of the Working Staff

We expect the BHI students to bring us more surprises. 

Translated by Tammy HU

©2015 Beijing Hospitality Institute