Jointly Shoulder Responsibility of Our Times: BHI Volunteers on Belt & Road Forum for International Cooperation

On 15 May, 2017, Belt & Road Forum for International Cooperation Roundtable was held in Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention & Exhibition Center. Over 200 BHI volunteers were assigned to provide meeting and F&B services.

BHI Volunteers on the B&R Forum

F&B Service Team

BHI volunteers received 10-day training and finished twice rehearsals before they served the guests with the staff from Diaoyutai State Guest House, Sunrise Kempinski Hotel and officers from Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau Guard Bureau.

It is worth mentioning that four BHI volunteers were selected to the President Service Team, offering full services for 29 presidents.

Four BHI Volunteers in the President Service Team

Excellent Job Done by BHI Volunteers

Excellent Job Done by BHI Volunteers

It feels like something happened yesterday that we didn’t have time to have a single bit of any food on rehearsal day and I couldn’t feel my arm after a whole day’s service. 

A Poetry View

A Glimpse of the Training

On 13 June, 2017, BHI Award Ceremony for Volunteers of Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation in 2017 was held in Multi-functional Hall, BHI Teaching Hotel. Mr. Michael Henssler, Chief Operating Officer, Asia/ Member of the Board, Kempinski Hotel S. A., Mr. Brice Pean, General Manager of Kempinski Hotels and other senior executives attended the ceremony and awarded Excellent BHI Volunteers.

Mr. Michael Henssler Delivering the Speech

Mr. Michael Henssler expressed his gratitude to BHI Volunteers:

We realized that we needed help the second we received the task of the B&R Forum. BHI is the first potential partner came up with me. BHI would definitely help us to serve over 3000 guests, including 29 heads of state, of 1500 delegations from more than 130 countries. This was an unprecedentedly grand occasion and you made history with us.

Dr. Gao Songtao, President of BHI, Delivering the Speech

Dr. Gao Songtao, President of BHI, also spoke highly of this incredible cooperation:

It is our great honor to be chosen by Kempinski Hotel. Since students could hardly take a part in a grand occasion like this, we made great efforts to adjust the academic plans to make it happen. Seeing the mission accomplished smoothly, I am so proud of you. I hope that we can process more cooperation with Kempinski Hotel to offer more chances to BHI students.

Cutting the Cake for Celebration

At the end of the ceremony, Mr. Michael Henssler mentioned that he started his career as a hotel intern, which inspired all the students presenting. 

Translated by Danielle Feng

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