Dr. Gao Songtao Attended 2019 China Tourism Science Annual Conference upon Invitation

    China Tourism Academy, Ctrip Group, and China Tourism Group Co.,Ltd Academy convened 2019 China Tourism Science Annual Conference and Second-session National Tourism Management Post-doctoral Academic Forum in Beijing on April 21st. The conference was presided by Dai Bin, Dean of China Tourism Academy. Luo Shugang, Culture and Tourism Department Secretary of Party Leadership Group and Minister, attended the conference and delivered a speech. Over 500 leaders in Culture and Tourism Department, experts and scholars from universities and colleges, and representatives in the tourism field joined in the conference. Dr. Gao Songtao, president of Beijing Hospitality Institute, attended the activity upon invitation. 

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    Round table forum was one of the most remarkable links of the conference. Tens of representatives from tourism colleges and universities made a heated discussion over the subject “Review and Prospect for Tourism Research for Forty Years”, and proposed their opinions about how should colleges and universities promote the development of tourism industry under cultural integration background. Beijing Hospitality Institute was the sole private school invited by round table forum. As pointed out by Doctor Gao Songtao, president of Beijing Hospitality Institute, the fundamental to ensure the orderly development of tourism industry under cultural integration background was talent cultivation. As an application-oriented university, Beijing Hospitality Institute had been following the pace of industrial development, and ensured the advancement of students’ professional expertise in the industry. He suggested that the formation of teaching contents and assessment standards in Hotel Management speciality should be approved by China Tourist Hotels Association, and learn the successful experience from Switzerland. Minister Luo Shugang carefully listened to and recorded the report of every scholar, and promised to give a response to all suggestions on time. 
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    Many volunteers of Beijing Hospitality Institute had participated in the conference. Their conscientious attitudes and professional expertise received the praise from Dai Bin, Dean of China Tourism Academy, and other guests on site. Beijing Hospitality Institute would continually cultivate applied talents with excellent professional ethnics, professional quality and vocational skills, and make contributions to the development of national tourism industry. 
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Written by Sun Ying, Executive Office

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