Beijing Hospitality Institute Volunteers Won Praise for Professional Service at The Belt and Road Forum for Consecutive Two Years

    The Second Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation was convened in Beijing on April 25th. 
    The Second Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation held round table forum at Beijing Yanqi Lake International Conference Center, and altogether 241 teachers and student volunteers from Beijing Hospitality Institute served the forum. 

微信图片_20190505084847_副本.jpgRound Table Forum Site 
    According to the statistics of Beijing Municipal Committee, over 2000 volunteers from 34 colleges and universities and 12 companies in Beijing had the honor to serve the grand conference this year. Among these volunteers, the volunteer team composed of 239 Beijing Hospitality Institute students seemed in particular unique and different. 
    Beijing Hospitality Institute has offered a volunteer team for over 200 members to The Belt and Road Forum for consecutive two years. 
    Beijing Hospitality Institute has become the university which affords most volunteers to The Belt and Road Forum for consecutive two years. 
    Beijing Hospitality Institute volunteers offers 24 sorts of services at the forum.
    Beijing Hospitality Institute volunteers account for over half catering servants. 
    11 Beijing Hospitality Institute volunteers have been elected into the President Service Group who provide full-process service for 40 leaders and many state heads at the forum. 

微信图片_20190505084855_副本.jpg    Beijing Hospitality Institute Female Volunteers in President Service Group (the third from the left is a staff of the hotel)

微信图片_20190505084859_副本.jpgOverall Beijing Hospitality Institute Volunteers in President Service Group

微信图片_20190505084902_副本.jpgStudents Serving No.9 Villa 

微信图片_20190505084906_副本.jpgStudents Serving No.8 Villa  å¾®ä¿¡å›¾ç‰‡_20190505084910_副本.jpg

Students Serving No.4 Villa 

微信图片_20190505084913_副本.jpgStudents Serving Shuitiange 

微信图片_20190505084916_副本.jpgStudents Serving Guanlanxuan 

微信图片_20190505084919_副本.jpgStudents Serving the conference room 

微信图片_20190505084923_副本.jpgStudents Serving Yangguangting

    The Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation was officially convened in Yanqi Lake International Conference Center on April 27th. This was also a test for Beijing Hospitality Institute volunteers. From Xiayuan to Haiyanting, from Guanlanxuan to Shuitiange, Beijing Hospitality Institute students served the delegation of all countries with their most intense ardour and most professional expertise, showed their demeanour on the world-renowned stage, and won high praise from hotel and all national delegates.  

微信图片_20190505084926_副本.jpgThe thanks letter from Albert Rouwendal, general manager of Beijing Sunrise Kempinski Hotel and Yanqi Island Hotel, to Doctor Gao Songtao,  president of Beijing Hospitality Institute 
微信图片_20190505084929_副本.jpgBeijing Sunrise Kempinski Hotel and Yanqi Island Hotel, Ms Zhu Wei, Human Resource Department Director 

    “We appreciate Beijing Hospitality Institute students very much. When we receive the task and decide to recruit volunteers, the first partner that comes into my mind is Beijing Hospitality Institute. Beijing Hospitality Institute students not only manifest the air of hotel personnel, command professional expertise and courtesy, but also have wide vision and strong comprehension ability. ”

    It is the remorseless and hardworking efforts that help these students win high praise. As of April 1st, Beijing Hospitality Institute volunteers enter Huairou Yanqi Island for intensified training and organized two rehearsals. During the 15 days for training, volunteers received systematic instructions in courtesy, skill, make-up, service and many other aspects. Irrespective of the tough work, students never complained but kept learning everyday. 

Make-up training
微信图片_20190505084938_副本.jpgCarefully Record Training Tips 
微信图片_20190505084942_副本.jpg Detail Training 
微信图片_20190505084945_副本.jpg Placement Training
微信图片_20190505084948_副本.jpgBeijing Hospitality Institute Volunteer Leading Teacher Wang Shengjie (first from right) and Zhang Junyu (second from right)
    “Students undertake heavy pressures in this intensified training. They need to get up early at 4:00 am to prepare for the event. Though it is very hard, they never complain and finish the task with high quality. I feel proud for them!” 
    Service is for the world, credit is for the collective, but harvest and growth is for self. All the time, Beijing Hospitality Institute has been the most well-received volunteer supplier of all large conferences and international activities. Throughout practice teaching at school, two off-campus professional internships, and various volunteer service experiences, Beijing Hospitality Institute students continually improve their service ability, widen their horizon and never have stage fright. 



微信图片_20190505085003_副本.jpg    After the closure of the Second Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation, Beijing Hospitality Institute students’ moments have been flooded by the message shared by volunteers. Volunteers record their harvest and growth with text and pictures. 

Tribute to China 
To the grand conference 
To lovely and adorable Beijing Hospitality Institute volunteers! 
Beijing Hospitality Institute volunteers practising “respect, professionalism and responsibility” values, see you next time at the following The Belt and Road Forum
微信图片_20190505085007_副本.jpgGroup Photo for All Beijing Hospitality Institute volunteers
    Thank all Belt and Road volunteers for the photo! 

Reported and written by Lu Yu, Year 2
Photo and edited by Meng Huanyu, News Center 
Gao Yan, News Center

©2015 Beijing Hospitality Institute