The Visit of EAHM Delegation Increases International Exchange Opportunities for Students in Beijing Hospitality Institute

    Dr. Scott Richardson, Executive Vice Provost from EAHM, paid a visit to Beijing Hospitality Institute on May 21st. Guo Ruihuan, Director of Business Development Department, Xu Longyang, Deputy Dean of Academic Affairs Department, and other superintendents of Beijing Hospitality Institute held a talk with Dr. Scott Richardson, and the parties enlarged on the cooperation in academic degree attestation, teacher exchange, online courses and other programs. 


Guo Ruihuan, Director of Business Development Department (right) and Dr. Scott Richardson, Executive Vice Provost from EAHM (left) 

    Hu Xiuying, Director of International Exchange Center, led guests to visit the teaching hotel, red wine & cigar bar, and other other teaching places, and introduced the school-running philosophy and features of Beijing Hospitality Institute. Dr. Scott Richardson highly approved the school-running mode, curricular setting, teaching staff, teaching practice, internship and employment, and admired teaching facilities of the institute. 

图片2.pngDr. Scott Richardson’s Visit in Teaching Hotel, and Red Wine & Cigar Bar

图片3.pngDiscussion between Xu Longyang, Deputy Dean in Academic Affairs Department and Dr. Scott Richardson

    As stated by Dr. Scott Richardson, EAHM had obtained the attestation from Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China now. In addition to former cooperation model about exchange school year, he expected to cooperate with Beijing Hospitality Institute in double degree, online course and other levels of teaching. Xu Longyang, Deputy Dean in Academic Affairs Department, expressed in the discussion that besides student cooperation programs, the parties should reinforce the mutual visit and exchange of teachers, and promote cultural and academic exchange. 

    During this visit, the parties further discussed about student exchange study, supplemented specific implementation plans, and reached initial consensus over online course cooperation. Such advancement provided more choices for students’ overseas study in Beijing Hospitality Institute. In the future, it would further widen students’ international horizon, academic proficiency and employment competitiveness. 

Translation: Wang Xin 
Picture: Zhang Yufei, enrolled in 2018 

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