A Bite of BHI: How Many Kinds of Enticing Food Could You Find in Regale Restaurant?

    Torrow is the last open day of Regale Restaurant. What are you saying? You have not had enough dishes there?

Regale Restaurant is not only students’ practical classroom but also an attractive restaurant in BHI. Let’s check what you can have in Regale!

微信图片_20200102222108.jpgChinese Traditional Dishes

Hong Kong Style Wonton Noodles
Fried Rice with Lao GanMa Spicy Sauce
微信图片_20200102222113.jpgToast Naeng Myeon with Sausage
微信图片_20200102222116.jpgPumpkin Porridge
Mapo Tofu
Moo Shu Pork



    In BHI, dining protocol is a culture deeply implanted in everyone’s mind. Dining with manner is BHIer’s daily task. In Regale, you can both taste delicious dishes and enjoy the best services offered by faculties and your classmates.

Foreign Style

French Fries

微信图片_20200102222124.jpgHot Dog
微信图片_20200102222127.jpgChicken Hamburger
微信图片_20200102222129.jpgFried Pork with Kimchi
微信图片_20200102222132.jpgPan-fried Pork Chops
微信图片_20200102222134.jpgSirloin Steak
Pumpkin Pie
微信图片_20200102222139.jpgMango Mousse Cake
Vanilla Croissant
微信图片_20200102222144.jpgChocolate Danish Roll
微信图片_20200102222146.jpg    Don’t miss the last day of Regale in this semester in case that you would miss it later.

Photo: Zhang Beixing, Class of 2023, School Press Corp

Text: Zhong Jing, Yang Shanglin, Class of 2023
Edit: Gao Yan, News Center

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