Quarantine at Home, One Day of Typical BHIer

At present, your school life is postponed, what are you doing at home? Put all of yourself into the phone the whole day or fully use you time to study and play?
Classes at school are suspended but learning needs to go on! All the students should improve at home. Last week we already officially started the online courses, today let us look at how one typical BHIer spend her day at home.
6:30 am Bedroom
Make the bed quickly and well!
--Housekeeping practical course, get√
6:30 am Washing and Make-up
Draw a light makeup, show beauty at home!
--Professionalism couldn’t be forgotten, get√
7:15 am Kitchen
Make breakfast for family, Chinese style or western style? 
--Chinese and Western Food Production Course practice, get√


8:00 am Living Room

Flower arranging or water the plants
--Make home beautiful and everyone feels happy! Happiness, get√


8:30 am Study Room

Start to learn online courses like English, Human Resource, Sales and Marketing, Finance, Statistics, Economics and finish the home work at her best.
  --Study all courses carefully, get√
10:30 am Kitchen
Time for tea break! Feel tired, make herself one cup of tea and DIY some cookies! 
  --Hobbies and interests, get√
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11:30 am Kitchen

Lunch is a culinary test, with a few more dishes and the most matched Australian sweet Syrah wine, perfect! 
  --Food and Beverage Course practice, get√


2:00 pm Study Room

Keep learning! In addition to regular online classes, it's time to learn English through video communication with foreign teachers.
--Self-improvement, get√
4:30 pm Study Room
Get moving! Life lies in sports, running or practicing yoga, not only to maintain a good figure, but also to strengthen the body, improve immunity!
  --Fitness course practice, get√


5:30 pm Kitchen

Dinner, make dumplings today!
  --Prepare dinner with family, get√


7:00 pm Living Room

Relax with family in the evening, chat, and watch TV together to understand the current political news!
  --Accompany with family, get√
10:00 pm Bedroom
Go to bed and read a book.
  -- Punch in for a healthy and productive day! get√
BHIer's day at home is rich and wonderful, although the outbreak of the epidemic disrupted our normal life, but we can do all we can to create a better life, face life positively, live every day well, waiting for the official school day!

Text: Chu Yingna, Admission Office 

Photo/Frame-out: Grade 2017 Ma Puchan
Typesetting: Xiage, Admission Office
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