Class of 2020 - "Mulan" in BHI I

    In class of 2020, you can find lots of "Mulans" who carefully watering the seed of study overseas in their heart. After four years' hardworking, they realized their dreams and will step on a new stage of their lives.

Zhu Yuanxu
Class of 2020
Offer of Master program in Business Management, University of Sydney (QS Ranking 40th)
Lun Zixuan
Class of 2020
Offer of MA in International Public Relations and Global Communications Management, Cardiff University (QS Ranking 154)
Zhang Qiaochu
Class of 2020
Offer of MSc in Global Hospitality Business, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (QS Ranking 91st)
Liu Linjia
Class of 2020
Offer of Master of Public Administration MPA, University of Nottingham(QS Ranking 96)
Huang Zihan
Class of 2020
Offer of MGE and MSc Wine Management, Burgundy School of Business (Top 1% Business School)
Huang Sheng
Class of 2020
Offer of MA in Art Museum and Gallery Studies, University of Leicester (QS Ranking 239)

Dream will be realized if you are preparing for it.
Do you want to brave the winds and waves with them?
Join us and make your dream come true!

Text: Counselor Team of Class of 2020, Admission Office
Edition: Xia Ge, Admission Office, Meng Huanyu, Gao Yan, News Center

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